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The Power of Purple Strains: Exploring the Benefits of Purple Weed Strain
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The Power of Purple Strains: Exploring the Benefits of Purple Weed Strain

Posted: October 10, 2023 | Author: Blog Upload

In this guide, we're going to explore some of the best purple weed strains available on the market today. Purple strains of weed are not only beautiful, but they offer a huge range of potential benefits as well as a variety of strengths and flavours, which makes them a great choice for anyone looking to explore the world of different cannabis seeds and strains.

Experts and beginners alike enjoy purple cannabis varieties because of their beautiful aesthetic, as well as the reported therapeutic and pain-relieving properties of the purple cannabis flowers.

Here we are going to look at the purple weed strain, define its main properties, and explore its many benefits. At ICE Headshop, we stock only the best purple cannabis seeds and offer fast and discreet delivery, so shop in confidence today.

What are purple weed strains?

Purple weed strains are varieties of cannabis that have a purple appearance; you will see that the leaves and buds have anywhere from a light purple tinge to bright and solid purple colour leaves and buds. Typically, purple strains have dense buds and average-sized flowers and are indica dominant, or hybrid strains.

The purple strain's pleasing colour comes from chemicals called anthocyanins, water-soluble pigments that are present in many different plants. These anthocyanins have been studied for their potential to reduce inflammation, for pain relief and to protect the nervous system. If you're looking for a weed strain to help with relief from pain conditions, or for relaxation and meditation, then a purple strain may be the one for you.

Popular versions of this strain include:

The purple found in the leaves and buds is a result of exposure to cold temperatures during the flowering period, and does not necessarily dictate flavour profile or strength, meaning each individual purple strain has its own unique flavour and strength profiles, and often taste, effects and smell can vary.

It's important to note that the term 'purple cannabis' encompasses a wide range of strains, and not all purple strains have the same genetic origins or effects. The specific lineage and characteristics of a purple strain can vary widely depending on the breeder and the genetics involved in its development.

A brief history

The original purple cannabis strain is associated with the region of the Hindu Kush mountains. These strains are believed to have their origins in the ancient landrace strains of cannabis that have been cultivated in these areas for centuries. Landrace strains are cannabis varieties that have developed naturally in specific regions over time, they have adapted to the local environmental conditions and produce unique characteristics.

The purple colouration in these strains of cannabis is attributed to a combination of factors, including genetics and environmental conditions. Cold temperatures, especially during the flowering stage, can trigger the development of purple hues in cannabis plants. Additionally, certain cannabis strains have genetic traits that make them more likely to display purple colours when exposed to these conditions.

The original strains from the Hindu Kush region are of the indica variety. Indica strains are reported to offer pain-relieving, euphoric and relaxing effects. Over the years, these purple strains have been crossed with other cannabis varieties to create hybrids, also known as chemovars (chemical variations), that exhibit the desirable purple colouration while also inheriting other traits, such as potency and flavour. As a result, there are many different purple strains available today, each with its own unique combination of genetics and characteristics.

Users of purple varieties report herbal, woody flavours with earthy undertones that are popular amongst the smoking community. Other purple varieties have different flavours and this is due to the selective breeding or chemovars (chemical variations) when the purple cannabis strains are bred with different varieties in order to alter the strength, aroma and flavour profiles of the plants.

What are the benefits of purple cannabis strains?

As you may already know, cannabis plants are used around the globe for their medicinal, relaxation effects, and often simply for recreation. Many users choose cannabis plants as a natural way to relax and relieve unwanted symptoms of pain, anxiety and other unwanted symptoms. Purple cannabis plants, much like other cannabis plants, have many properties that can be beneficial.

Purple cannabis strains are (generally) indica-dominant strains that have strong euphoric, relaxation and pain-relieving qualities, and are popular among those looking for a resin-rich plant with a high level of THC and an earthy flavour.

Whether it is a Purple Thai, a Purple Kush or any other purple variety, you can expect it to be indica dominant with potent smoke that will help to relieve any unwanted painful symptoms and aid relaxation. That being said, breeders are often crossing purple indica genetics with sativa genetics to create interesting hybrids that boast the benefits of both.

Potential medicinal benefits

Much like other indica strains available on the market, purple strains tick all of the boxes for new and experienced users alike. Purple cannabis plants originate from indica genetics so you can expect a high level of THC with strong relaxation and pain relieving effects.

Purple strains like Purple Kush are potentially useful for helping treat nausea, insomnia, increasing appetite, and for things like chronic pain conditions and other painful ailments.

Some of the key benefits of using a purple cannabis variety:

For the management of pain and painful conditions
To aid sleep and help treat insomnia
To increase appetite
To enhance mood
To give a recreational 'high' or 'stoned' feeling
To aid relaxation
If you're looking for seeds of a purple variety then don't hesitate to visit our store where we stock many high-quality purple cannabis seeds. We have indica strains and indica dominant hybrid seeds, as well as many other types of cannabis seeds available.

High concentration of anthocyanins

Purple strains of the cannabis plant, like Purple Kush, Purple Urkle, Purple Haze and Granddaddy Purple, contain a high concentration of anthocyanins which are the pigment molecules responsible for turning your leaves and buds purple. The amount of purple you will see will also be dependent on factors like temperature, growing conditions and the amount of anthocyanins found within the strain you choose.

For many, the purple aesthetic of these stains makes them beneficial as they are beautiful and enjoyable to look at.

Range of cannabinoids and terpenes

Purple cannabis strains contain a wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes that vary from strain to strain. Generally, purple strains have a high level of THC because of the indica genetics they contain. You will find that different strains have unique terpene and cannabinoid profiles and this is due to selective breeding. Different strains are bred together in order to alter the profiles of the resulting plants.

When you shop for seeds at ICE Headshop you will find information about the seeds in the product description, so you can browse until you find a product that meets your preferences.

Are there any side effects of purple weed strains?

As far as we know there are no purple-strain-specific side effects, but that isn't to say that there aren't side effects from using cannabis products. Purple strains contain high levels of anthocyanins which are responsible for pigmentation, they aren't specifically responsible for noticeable side effects.

Here are some of the more common side effects:

  • Cotton-mouth - When cannabis is smoked or consumed you may notice you get a dry mouth. Fear not, this won't last forever. Have a drink nearby to help lubricate your mouth if it goes dry.
  • Red-eye - A common side effect of cannabis smoking is dry or red eyes and this can be caused by a number of factors such as high dosage, being dehydrated and blood vessel dilation.
  • Paranoia - You may experience a level of paranoia due to high doses, tolerance level being exceeded, the setting and environment, and THC content. If you are suffering from any anxiety you can try to reduce your intake or change to a product with a lower THC content.

When using cannabis there are known side effects, whether it is green buds, purple buds or any variety you choose. Before trying any new product, speak with your healthcare professional.

How do purple strains differ from other strains?

Purple strains differ from other strains mostly due to the colouration of the leaves and buds. The effects of purple strains, the flavours and aromas can be very similar to many other types of cannabis, especially indica dominant varieties.

You will likely find that other indica dominant strains may be similar in effect, flavour and smell. The levels of terpenes, cannabinoids and flavonoids are the factors that will change the effects, smell and taste. You may find that the effects of a strong indica will last longer than a sativa but this is down to personal factors like tolerance and THC profile.

When shopping for cannabis seeds we recommend selecting your seeds based on the cannabinoid profiles, yield size and growing conditions required, as well as flavours and effects that you desire. Choosing a purple strain will not necessarily dictate the effects and flavours, rather it will have a different aesthetic than a green variety.

If you're looking for an eye-pleasing purple variety you can be sure you will find a seed that has a profile that matches your needs.

Choosing the right purple weed strains for you

Choosing the right purple seeds comes down to your own personal criteria and preferences. You can find a variety of different purple seeds at our store and we recommend having a good browse before making a purchase and seeing what catches your eye.

Here are some key points to consider when shopping for seeds:

  • Cannabinoid profile - This will determine how potentially strong the effects of the plant will be. Cannabinoids are responsible for the potential beneficial and medicinal properties of the plants and will determine how it will make you feel.
  • Terpenes and flavonoids - These determine the aromas and tastes you experience. You can shop for seeds that have a flavour profile and aroma that you enjoy to ensure you are getting the most enjoyment out of your choice.
  • Aesthetic - If you're looking for seeds that have the potential to produce plants that look a certain way then this is definitely possible. Each of our seeds has a description of the density of the flowers, colour or shape of the plant and its basic traits.
  • Grow space - One thing to consider is the grow space. Obviously, it is illegal to grow here in the UK but if you live in a country where it is legal to grow cannabis plants then you should consider the size potential and requirements of the cannabis seeds you purchase.
  • Your collection - As we sell seeds solely for collection and research purposes you might consider which seeds you are missing from your collection and how you are going to store them safely.

Legal status in the UK

Growing cannabis plants here in the UK is ILLEGAL. This means that if you are buying seeds and reside here in the UK then it is illegal for you to germinate the seeds. You are allowed to purchase seeds for collection and research purposes only.

Be sure to store your seeds in a cool and dry place away from sunlight to help avoid any complications.

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