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The Strongest Cheese Strains: A Guide to Cheese Cannabis and Cheese Weed Strains

Posted: August 01, 2023 | Author: Blog Upload

When you're looking for popular strains of weed seeds to add to your collection, you can't miss the quality and variety available in Cheese strains. In this guide, we'll take a closer look at the strongest Cheese strains available, exploring the origins of their genetics and how cheese became so popular. From classic strains like UK Cheese to newer varieties like Blue Cheese and Cheese Quake, we'll cover everything about these beloved cheese weed strains.

Whether you're a dedicated Cheese strain fan, or are looking to branch out for the first time, take a look at the strains we offer in our online store, and our huge seedbank full of premium seeds.

What are cheese cannabis strains?

Cheese cannabis strains are strains with genetics that produce a strong aroma and taste reminiscent of cheese. Typically they are the product of selective breeding and are powerful hybrids with an average THC percentage of 17% and an Indica to Sativa ratio of about 60/40. The Cheese strain is called cheese because of its pungent aroma, which can be described as dank and sour.

Along with its intense aroma, it has a musky, earthy taste along with fast and potent effects. As cheese is such a popular strain amongst both experienced and new users alike, and has good genetics, there is a huge choice in seeds from manufacturers around the world. The most famous Cheese strain is probably UK Cheese, from the United Kingdom.

Origins of the Cheese strain

The Cheese strain has origins that go back to the 1980s from another iconic strain called Skunk no1 - bred in California before the breeder took his expertise to The Netherlands. Skunk No1 was very popular because of its large yields, hardiness and short flowering period, the only drawback being the strong smell that could cause problems with neighbours and the authorities (always check the law where you are).

The seeds spread all over Europe in the 1980s until one grower from a small alternative community noticed something different about one the plants he grew from a batch of Skunk No1 seeds. Different from the other plants he was growing, this one had a pungent, sour smell and at the time of harvest had large and dense buds.

Eventually clones of the plant got bred using the Skunk No1 phenotype and an Afghani Indica, and were made available as seeds for the first time being labelled as Exodus Cheese.

Exodus Cheese strains gained popularity, and today it is popular worldwide and one of the top strains. There are many cheese hybrids that have been created from the original strain and you will find many modern seed strains containing cheese genetics.

How is the strongest cheese strain grown?

To create potent cheese strains, breeders typically start with a parent plant that already exhibits desirable traits, such as the characteristic cheese aroma and powerful effects. The breeding process then involves crossing the selected parent plants to combine their traits and create offspring with a strong genetic lineage.

Through successive generations of breeding and selection, breeders aim to stabilise and enhance these traits, ensuring that the offspring consistently exhibit the desired cheese characteristics. This rigorous process helps increase the potency and overall quality of the Cheese strain over time.

Breeders also pay close attention to factors like environmental conditions, nutrient levels, and light cycles during cultivation, as these factors can influence the expression of the cheese traits. The goal is to achieve a stable, reliable, and potent cheese strain that satisfies cannabis enthusiasts looking for intense flavours and powerful effects.

The strongest cheese strains

Cheese strains have a big flavour, strong effects and recognisable aroma making it an obvious and classic choice for fans. Reminiscent of the old school rave scene and alternative communities worldwide, cheese cannabis strains continue to deliver on all fronts, flavour, taste, effects and smell.

There are many reasons why people want strong Cheese strains. Here are some notable properties:

  • Strong and powerful aroma - A noticeably strong and pungent aroma distinguishes it from other strains, dank earthy and sour smelling with a cheesy overtone.
  • Strong taste - Cheese strains have a spicy and savoury flavour that has a smooth taste that takes the edge off of the pungency of the smoke.
  • Fast acting, long lasting - As an Indica-dominant hybrid the Cheese cannabis strains reportedly provides relaxing and calming effects quickly and for a long time.
  • Pain relief - Indica strains are popular among people using cannabis medicinally for the treatment of pain conditions and other painful ailments.
  • Calms the mind and aids sleep - Indica dominant strains can help to alleviate stress and help with relaxation. Some indica users report that it helps to get to sleep.
    Here are some top strong cheese seeds for you to take a look at:

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is a hybrid created by crossing the classic strains Blueberry and UK Cheese. The strain gets its name from the blueberry-like fruity notes combined with the pungent cheese scent, resulting in a unique and flavourful experience for users.

Blue Cheese by Big Buddha is a fantastic example of this strong strain. It was created using a specially selected blueberry male plant and crossing it with Big Buddha's original Big Buddha Cheese female - the result is one of the most popular seeds available today.

It has a sweet berry scent that compliments the sour, dank aroma of the original Big Buddha Cheese weed.

Cheese Quake

Cheese Quake is a cross between two well-known strains: Cheese and Querkle. It inherits its name from the combination of the pungent cheese-like aroma from the Cheese strain and the fruity, grape-like flavours of Querkle. This Indica-dominant hybrid is celebrated for its relaxing effects and is often sought after for its unique and delightful aroma.

Add to your collection today - take a look at Cheese Quake from TGA Subcool Seeds, an excellent example of this strain.

Cheese Bomb

Cheese Bomb is a potent cannabis strain known for its powerful effects and aromatic profile. It is a hybrid strain that combines the genetics of Cheese and Bomb #1. The strain's name comes from the explosive combination of the classic Cheese strain's pungent cheese-like aroma and the intense effects associated with the Bomb #1 genetics.

Bred by legendary seed bank Bomb Seeds, shop this 50/50 hybrid example. It has a high THC content, euphoric and uplifting effects associated with the cheese weed strain as well as the classic pungent aroma and strong, fast acting and long lasting effects.

Amsterdam Cheese

Amsterdam Cheese is known for its origin in Amsterdam, and its distinct cheese-like aroma and flavour. It is a hybrid strain that typically leans slightly towards the Indica side and offers a soothing and mellow experience. Its unique terpene profile gives it a pungent and skunky smell, reminiscent of aged cheese.

A popular example of Amsterdam Cheese, shop this legendary strain by Kera Classic. This powerful cheese variety is actually a sativa dominant plant. Kera Seeds are world class cannabis breeders and their Amsterdam Cheese is a bestseller - add them to your collection today at a great price.

Auto Cheese

Auto Cheese belongs to the autoflowering category, meaning it automatically transitions from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage without requiring a specific light cycle change. This strain is a hybrid variety and is often a cross between the original Cheese strain and a Ruderalis plant.

It retains the characteristic cheese-like aroma and flavour of the original Cheese strain while offering the convenience of autoflowering genetics.

Brought to you by yours truly, ICE Headshop, our Autoflowering Critical x Autoflowering Cheese seeds are guaranteed to satisfy. These are feminised and autoflowering - add our auto cheese seeds to your collection and never look back.

How to choose the best cheese strains for you

Choosing the right Cheese marijuana strains for you depends entirely on your personal preferences. You can choose an original Cheese strain and enjoy the full aroma, or pick a hybrid that has slightly different properties.

What is most important is that you use a reputable retailer that stands behind their products, and always buy seeds from well-known and trusted seed banks to avoid being disappointed with poor results.

Here at ICE Headshop we source all of our seeds from reputable and famous seed banks from around the world, including The Netherlands, the US and the UK. You can shop for many different kinds of cannabis seeds at our online store including many of the most popular types of Cheese weed and Cheese/hybrid varieties all in one place.

Legal considerations

In the UK, it is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds or grow cannabis plants. You are responsible for storing your seeds in a cool, dark place where they will not germinate. Cannabis seeds are sold in the UK for collection and research purposes only - it is a criminal offence to grow cannabis in the UK. Growing cannabis can result in a hefty fine and even a prison sentence.

Cheese weed strains FAQs

While we have covered many of the key features and properties of cheese varieties, it is worth highlighting some frequently asked questions.

Are cheese cannabis seeds illegal?

Cheese cannabis seeds themselves (as seeds, ungerminated) are not illegal here in the UK, most of Europe and many states in the US. Cannabis seeds can be collected for research and collection purposes only and must not under any circumstances be germinated or grown into cannabis.

If you fail to store your seeds correctly and, in turn, they germinate, you can be liable for prosecution including things like receiving a fine or even imprisonment.

Store your seeds in a cool, dry and dark place to avoid germination.

Is cheese weed strong?

Yes, cheese varieties of weed generally have a high THC content, strong effects, strong aroma and flavour. It is an all round strong cannabis strain, good for experienced and new users alike.

How does cheese weed make you feel?

The Cheese strain is famous for the relaxing, sedative and euphoric high it can offer. Cheese is popular among many different users for many applications and is also a nostalgic weed - it provides a classic high and delivers on taste, smell, and aesthetic.

Shop seeds at ICE Headshop

Shopping for cheese seeds has never been easier. Here at ICE Headshop we have a large selection of cheese and other cheese hybrid strains. We source our seeds from the most reputable seed banks from around the globe and offer them to you at great prices, with fast delivery and excellent customer service.

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Don't hesitate to get in touch.

Disclaimer: Germination of seeds brought from ICE is not permitted, our seeds are sold for collection purposes only.