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The Ultimate Collector's Guide To Cannabis Seeds

Posted: June 21, 2023 | Author: Blog Upload

In the UK you are able to buy and collect cannabis seeds from many different breeders and seed banks from around the world, including feminised, autoflowering, and regular seeds. Many people are often confused by the terminology, so we're going to explain what all of these terms mean, and provide the information you need to pick the right seeds for your collection.

At ICE Headshop we always recommend choosing reputable seed breeders and manufacturers, that's why our store has the finest seeds available online today. We source our high quality genetics from leading companies, such as Royal Queen Seeds and Barney's Farm, so you can shop with ease and be sure that you're getting a high quality product.


How to choose cannabis seeds for your collection

Choosing cannabis seeds online can be somewhat of a daunting task as there is such a wide variety available on the market. You will notice many different categories of seeds and they each have their own benefits.

When searching for the perfect seeds for your collection, once you've found a reputable seller, consider what type of seeds interest you:

  • Are you seeking specific cannabis seed strains like sativa, indica or hybrid?
  • Are you looking for autoflowering cannabis seeds, regular cannabis seeds, feminised cannabis seeds?
  • Are you focused on CBD rich varieties, large yields, or specific flavour profiles?
  • Do you want seeds similar to your existing collection, or different?
  • Is there a particular brand's ethos or product range that inspires you?

The choice really is yours and there are certainly seeds to meet your requirements that are also within your budget.

When purchasing cannabis seeds from ICE Headshop you will find information on the product pages which detail the ratio of THC and CBD, estimated yield size, growth requirements, and often the effects of the strains to help you make the right decision.

Buying cannabis seeds requires many factors to be considered so it is worth spending a little time to ensure that you're ordering a product that will be the most suitable for your seed collection, budget, and interests.

If you are new to cannabis seeds, or aren't quite sure of all of the terminology used, fear not, we will go into some more detail for you.


The different types of cannabis seeds

There are three main categories you will come across when shopping for cannabis seeds online, as well as a few subcategories. Here we will provide the information you will need to make an educated choice when you purchase your cannabis seeds.

The main categories of cannabis seeds you will find are:

  • Regular seeds - Regular cannabis seeds can be either male and female, which is ideal for developing different strains
  • Feminised cannabis seeds - Feminised seeds have been bred to only produce female plants
  • Autoflowering cannabis seeds - Autoflowering seeds have been bred to flower automatically, after a specified period of time

Of course there are many different cannabis strains but these categories do not define the strains. Different cannabis strains are created using a process called crossbreeding. Two or more parent plants are specially selected for their individual attributes with the intention of creating a new strain with a combination of the attributes, like effects, aroma, flavour, strength and aesthetic.

There are also advanced techniques like genetic engineering and tissue culture - these techniques make selecting very specific attributes possible and are pushing the boundaries of strain creation.

Feminised cannabis seeds vs regular cannabis seeds

These two types of seeds have distinct differences between their growing characteristics and genetics.

Regular cannabis seeds are the traditional types of cannabis seeds. They have a 50/50 chance of being male or female and this means that growers of these types of seeds must monitor their growing plants during the vegetative stage very carefully to distinguish the males from females so that they can be separated.

Feminised seeds on the other hand have been specifically bred to produce only female plants. The process is called feminisation and involves the female plant being stressed to produce male pollen that can then be used to fertilise another female plant, which in turn creates only female seeds.

Feminised cannabis seeds have a few more benefits than regular cannabis seeds, and require less maintenance and knowledge. With feminised seeds you will get more consistent results in terms of yield and growth characteristics.

Regular cannabis seeds are ideal for more experienced growers, those of you that are looking at creating your own strains, and people looking for a more traditional or natural growth method.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are a type of cannabis seed that grows a cannabis plant that automatically enters the flowering stage after a certain amount of time, rather than because of a change in light cycle.

Autoflowering seeds generally produce smaller plants with smaller yields but can be harvested in around 60-70 days. Autoflower would be the obvious choice for someone with less experience, with little time for maintenance of the plants, or for somebody looking for a quick turn-around.

Of course we do not condone the germination or growing of cannabis plants. Here in the UK it is illegal to germinate and grow cannabis seeds. Our seeds are sold solely for research and collection purposes.

Sativa vs indica vs hybrid cannabis seeds

Sativa, indica and hybrid are three different types of seeds that create plants with different characteristics in terms of cannabinoid profile, effects and growth patterns.

Cannabis sativa plants are known for being tall and skinny with thin leaves. Cannabis sativa plants are associated with an uplifting, creative and cerebral high, and are often used for daytime consumption or creative endeavours.

Cannabis indica plants are short and bushy plants with wide leaves and a dense structure. Indica plants are associated with pain relieving and sedative effects, often used at night time or for relaxation purposes.

Hybrid cannabis strains are a mix of both sativa and indica strains that have been specially selected and crossbred to create a desired combination of effect from the parent plants.


THC and CBD are the most well known cannabinoids, and are the most sought after of more than a hundred different cannabinoids.

THC is the cannabinoid known for its psychoactive effects, it gives the feeling of high or euphoria when ingested or inhaled. Most cannabis plants contain a level of THC, even hemp plants contain trace amounts of THC.

CBD is the cannabinoid revered for its reported health benefits and wellness applications, including things like:

  • To treat the effects of stress and stress disorders
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Aid with pain relief
  • To help treat skin conditions
  • To aid muscle and sports recovery

Although these two cannabinoids can be used for different applications, they also work really well together (as well as with the other cannabinoids) to create something called 'The Entourage Effect.' This is the name given to the cannabinoids working together synergistically to give greater effect for the user.

Shop both high CBD seeds and high THC seeds for a varied seed collection.

To learn more about cannabinoids and the entourage effect, visit our dedicated blog where we cover topics including cannabis seeds and CBD products.


What cannabis seeds should I buy?

What is important is to choose cannabis seeds that best suit your individual requirements. You should have some idea of what seeds interest you and which seeds you have experience with or not.

As discussed earlier, regular seeds require more monitoring and work, whereas autoflowering seeds do not need so much attention but have a smaller yield. Perhaps you want to focus on one type of seed niche, or aim to have a more diverse collection? The possibilities are nearly endless. You should also think about the space you have for your seed collection and the capabilities and unique requirements of the seeds that you are shopping for.

At ICE Headshop we stock only high quality cannabis seeds from reputable seed banks that use the finest cannabis genetics available today. If you are looking for the best cannabis seeds including autoflowering cannabis seeds, feminised cannabis seeds or regular cannabis seeds then look no further. We pride ourselves on our extensive range of quality cannabis seeds and our personalised shopping experience.

Storage tips and advice

It is very important that you store your cannabis seeds correctly. It is illegal in the UK to germinate cannabis seeds in any way. This means if you fail to store them correctly and they start to germinate, you could land yourself in trouble with the law. When you buy cannabis seeds it is your responsibility to prevent them from growing.

It is recommended to store cannabis seeds in a dark, cool, and dry space to avoid any risk of germination, and to preserve the seeds for a longer time.

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Disclaimer: Germination of seeds brought from ICE is not permitted, our seeds are sold for collection purposes only.