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Your flavour guide to vaping
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Your flavour guide to vaping

Posted: March 23, 2017

Vaping is a flavour utopia with a huge range of classic and unexpected tastes to try and fall in love with! Now, how much more appealing is that than the cigarette option of tobacco or… menthol, right? If you’re new to vaping, or are trying to quit tobacco cigarettes, the range on offer is exciting but don’t let too much choice be a bad thing. If you can, be a little adventurous:
  • Try something new
  • Use different flavours at different times
  • Don’t stick to just tobacco flavours
  • Discover new favourites regularly
  • Vary brands for even more variety
If you do find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed and don’t know what’s out there or what to try first, here’s our flavour guide to vaping. Before that though, browse our range of premium e-liquids and see what catches your eye and tastebuds.


If you enjoy tobacco or have just quit, then you might be interested in tobacco flavoured e-liquids, or find them useful in helping you to stop smoking. They’re fresh rather than burnt and are the best elements of a traditional taste. You can also get added flavours, such as peach tobacco to give it an extra varied profile that’s even more refreshing.


Probably the most popular type of e-liquid are the fruity, sweet and delicious ones like strawberry, apple, banana, mango, cherry, pomegranate and pineapple. The choice is actually pretty endless as fruit flavours combine really well so there’s also combo flavours like banana apple from the Fruit Juice brand. You can’t really go wrong with fruit flavours, as long as you pick fruits you already like! They’re refreshing and release a great aroma as well - much better than cigarette smoke.


Mint, menthol, peppermint… you get the idea. Just like chewing gum, these e-liquids are cooling and tasty in equal measure. One to use if you’re going on a date and want to stay fresh.


Interestingly, you can get some of your favourite drinks in e-liquid form, including cola and coffee! You can even enjoy these at set times; up early, grab a coffee oil, going out later, have a tasty cola hit to wet your whistle. In this way you can get the flavour without the calories, sugar or additional cost.

Tips to improve flavour

You can also use your e-cig to increase the flavour hit from your chosen e-liquid or vapour oil. Here are a few tips to help you improve the flavour:
    • Regularly replace your coil for the best flavour. The longer you use a coil the more likely it will become clogged with e-liquid residue, which will cause flavour to fade.
  • Switch the flavour of your e-liquid regularly. Vapour’s tongue is a very dissatisfying experience where you're tongue loses the sense of flavour from your e-liquid after extended periods of time. The more you use one flavour, the less impact it will have on your tastebuds meaning the taste will become dull. If it’s your favourite flavour, switch to another one for a few days before returning.
  • Let your e-liquid steep. Steeping is leaving your e-liquid to age over time, when it becomes darker and the taste deepens (a bit like wine). When you buy oil, it’s likely at a good stage of this process but you can enhance it in the following ways if you think it hasn’t properly matured: remove the cap and keep it somewhere warm for 48 hours, shake the bottle to mix the liquid as it rests, or, place in warm bath water for a short time.
Choosing the right flavours and taking care of your oils and coils will improve your vaping experience, which is even more important if you’re vaping to help you give up smoking. We’ve got a wide range of flavours from top brands for you to try; we recommend you give yourself a variety to find what you really like. Leave a comment below with any questions. What’s your favourite flavour?