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20 years in the making, Big Head Seeds trotted the globe to bring around some of the most unique and finest genetics out there. Back in 1990 Big Head himself set out on the mission to discover the value of this plant and learn from the people that understood its properties. This journey ended in 2002 when he and two other breeders worked together to combine knowledge and bring about a new generation of tasty and succulent Cannabis to the masses. These guys respect the trade and know what they’re doing, excellence is the only option with Big Head Seeds and Ice Head Shop.

  • Unique Genetics from Around the World
  • Quality that Only Comes from Experience
  • Hugely Powerful Plants like the Big Freeze

We’re dealing with some truly wonderful and special Feminized Cannabis Seeds when talking about Big Head Seeds. Their Big Freeze has gained some remarkable reviews noting its frosty appearance and sugary delicious taste. They call it the Big Freeze because the plant looks like it’s frozen by the time it’s done growing, the trichrome growth is absolutely unlike anything else. The thing is so heavy with that sticky powder that it weighs the whole thing down by the end of flowering –absolutely insane! It’s a big dense quick flowering plant at about 20% THC with a huge yield. Highly recommended.

We’re big fan of Cannabis here, and have the utmost respect for breeders like this who have traveled far and wide purely for the love of the plant. Big Head has our support and as always we Ice Heads at the Ice Head Shop are bringing you the best of the best from known and unknown breeders. You’ve got our guarantee of quality, discreet shipping, and the best prices on the market. Go peruse through Big Head Seeds, or one of our hundreds of other Seed Banks, we’ll never steer you wrong.

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