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Careful, this dog has a lot of bark and a super intense bite. But what else would you expect from the man behind this famous Seedbank, Henk De Vries. Vries started the first of the famous Amsterdam coffee shops all the way back in 1975. Basically he originated what is possibly the largest Cannabis scene on earth. No big whoop. After he opened up this hallowed place that has gone down in history he named it “The Bulldog” in honor of his pup Joris. Over the coming decades this sanctimonious establishment grew into multiple different coffee shops, hotels, cafes, bars, a line of smoking devices, and even energy drink. Now, since 2010, that same company has gone even farther and started The Bulldog Seeds Company. That Bulldog has got quite the pedigree

  • All Types of Cannabis from Indica to Sativa and Hybrids
  • Legendary Seed Company from Amsterdam
  • Powerful and High Yielding Strains

It was no big deal for Vries to branch out into a Seed Bank, he and his company had all the connections and business know-how to bring together the top-notch leaders of Cannabis breeding under the same corporation. Not to mention the corporate power to bank-roll this entire idea. Before opening, as true connoisseurs of the sacred Ganja, Bulldog Seeds spent five long years searching for the highest quality genetics in the world and doing ground-breaking research for the optimal combinations of weed out there. Tested and tried and true these genetics have been refined well pasted where others would have called it quits and said “good enough”.

Hey, if that’s not good enough for you check out these prices. Bulldog wasn’t messing around when they started up, they want to take over the world of Cannabis with top-notch Seeds and low-low prices. Well, us ne’er-do-wells over at Ice Head had to get in on this action and got these prices even lower so our lovely customers could get a piece of that pie. Check out this catalogue, kids, this stuff is brilliant.

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