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Two decades of globe-trotting adventure to seek and discover the best Cannabis and new indigenous phenotypes have finally culminated into Cannabiogen Seeds. With these rare and elusive, not to mention dank, genes they’ve created strains that are impossible to get elsewhere. Jamaica, Colombia, Pakistan, Thailand, and more regions have been scoured to bring you Cannabis that you’ve never seen before. They’ve meticulously selected varieties from all around the globe have been preserved here, with their unique genetics, but also have been cross bred with Dutch varieties to bring you incredibly potent and absolutely intense new strains of Cannabis.

  • Truly Unique Strains Based on Genetics from Around the World
  • Decades of Research Poured into these Strains
  • Absolute Consistency and Rigorous Testing

You’ll never complain about not being able to find anything interesting within the Cannabiogen catalogue on Ice Head Shop. Unique strains that aren’t going to be found anywhere else such as the beautiful Sugarloaf, which is a Pakistan Indica cross with a Capricho male, which is such a heavy producer that the branches must be tied as to not break off from the crazy amount of extraordinarily dense bud this girl produces. It is potent to the max and grows within only 55-65 days.

Rarities and oddities from around the world, come one come all to Cannabiogen Seeds at the Ice Head Shop! Marvel at plants found nowhere else than here, with genetics that are indigenous only to the hardest to find corners of the eart. Bring some seeds home with you and see for yourself the extraordinary lengths these breeders have gone through to give us all a chance at seeing the full spectrum of Cannabis from around the world. Ice Head Shop is backing these guys 100% offering the lowest prices around and our quick discreet shipping to wherever you need it in the world.

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