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Deep in the heart of BC Canada there is a place steeped in myth and legend, an area where only the top Cannabis breeders know of. Where the Cannabis grows like nowhere else and the world’s best genetics grow like… well… weeds. This is the Secret Valley. Offering the top Seeds BC has ever seen, the secrets out and these seeds are available throughout the world with Ice Head Shop.

  • Exclusive Strains with Elite Genetics
  • Low Prices and Discreet Shipping
  • Seeds Straight from Legendary BC, Canada

British Columbia has been home of so many champion strains, it’s impossible to count. This Eden of Cannabis is home to the perfect growing conditions for almost any type of strain imaginable, so it’s no surprise that the best Seed Banks in the world call this place home. Top Medical Cannabis researches and breeders are all onboard to create champion strain after champion strain for any and all purposes. These seeds grow very dependably and are exceedingly hardy while delivering off-the-charts potency with massive yields. All seeds are grown for the best parent stock available and quality is more than assured, it’s flat-out a given.

A++ genetics with reliable and fresh seeds are all you’ll find from a dependable SeedBank like Secret Valley. They’ve been providing Medical Strains to dispensaries and patients for a while now, and despite a small web presence they are known throughout the BC Cannabis scene. We at the Ice Head Shop, got to love us, are bringing you these amazing beauties on the cheap through a little talk with Secret Valley Seeds and our excellent negotiating skills. What can I say? We’re charming. Lowest prices on the net and our patented quick-discreet shipping is what we’re all about. What more could you possibly ask for? Go browse away you crazy collector.

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