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Looking for dope that’ll make your head spin? Trying to find a huge line up of diverse strains that have been expertly engineer for quality on all fronts –Yield, Power, and Aroma? Well, Super Strains Seed Bank is a d*mn good choice. Based out of the Netherlands they’ve got lines of just about every time of Seed you could want and they are excellent. Let me tell you, these guys aren’t afraid of experimenting over and over again to ensure they have the best strains on the market. Super Strains are exactly what they say they are, super!

  • Best Amsterdam Genetics
  • Line of Feminized, AutoFlowering, Regular, and Old School Seeds
  • Excellent Prices and Guaranteed Quality

From the quick growing, high yields Auto-Flowering Line up all the way to their Old School line of Regular Seeds, Super Strain has got it all covered. Super Strains Seed Bank is world-class on every level despite being relatively new. They’re a compilation of incredible breeders that have got together and want to completely change the Cannabis Scene. These plants are the absolute epitome of Cannabis, you cannot go wrong with these Super Strains.

Ice Head Shop heard of these guys through the grapevine and said to ourselves, “Sounds good, let’s go check them out.” We were not disappointed is an understatement. The Ice Heads here immediately decided we need to have these on our catalogue and through a little schmoozin’ and negotiating, which we’re awesome at by the way, we have struck up a h*ll of a deal with Super Strains. We’ve got their entire catalogue for the lowest prices around. You’re welcome. Ice Head Shop will send these little babes out to you all around the globe, discreetly and quickly. So go get ‘em boys, enjoy yourselves.

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