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Product Details

Dr Trichome H4CBD Multi Cannabinoid Herbal Blend BUNDLE

Introducing the Dr. Trichome H4CBD Multi Cannabinoid Herbal Blend BUNDLE, now available in a convenient bundle pack complete with Green Leaf Tobacco Alternative and Raw Kingsize skins & cones.


Choose from four distinct Dr. Trichome flavors:

  • Blueberry Skunk
  • Lemon Haze
  • Mango Kronic
  • Original Skunk

Smoke it neat or combine with your favourite medium, Geen Leaf is a perfect companion

This groundbreaking smoking blend comes in a secure resealable 30g pouch with a lockable zip fastener, offering convenience and freshness with every use. Crafted to revolutionize your smoking experience, Dr. Trichome H4CBD Multi Cannabinoid Herbal Blend is a game changer for those seeking a high-quality, natural, and non-harsh alternative to traditional smoking products.

Unlike other blends containing synthetic chemicals and additives, Dr. Trichome H4CBD is meticulously crafted from a variety of cannabinoids and authentic cannabis terpenes. This results in a smooth inhale and a wide range of therapeutic benefits, setting it apart from the competition.

The key to this product lies in its extensive spectrum of cannabinoids. While most blends contain only one or two cannabinoids, Dr. Trichome H4CBD offers a blend of multiple cannabinoids, including 1000mg H4CBD, 500mg CBD, 600mg CBG, 200mg CBE, 200mg CBDV, and 500mg of other cannabinoids. This full spectrum blend creates a powerful "entourage effect," enhancing the overall experience.

What distinguishes this blend further is its use of real cannabis terpenes. These aromatic compounds not only provide distinctive aroma and flavor but also work synergistically with cannabinoids to amplify their effects. By incorporating authentic cannabis terpenes, Dr. Trichome H4CBD delivers an authentic and natural cannabis experience.



  • 1000MG H4CBD
  • 600MG CBG
  • 500MG CBD
  • 200MG CBE
  • 200mg CBDV
  • 500mg Other Cannabinoids

Experience the best with Dr. Trichome H4CBD Multi Cannabinoid Herbal Blend, offering a unique fusion of cannabinoids and real cannabis terpenes. With its smooth inhale and therapeutic benefits, this herbal blend is ideal for those seeking a natural alternative to traditional smoking methods. Try it today and discover the difference for yourself.


30 Gram Pouch

Use with Green Leaf Herbal Smoking Blend for the perfect combination!

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  • Size / Amount
  • CBD %
    20% Cannabinoids

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