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Cannabinoid CBD E-Liquids & Oils

ICE only stock pure crystal high % cannabinoid CBD e-liquids for vaping that can also be used on the tongue starting at 100mg. Don't be fooled by the far weaker and in-superior non-crystal CBD oils made purely for the tongue with misleading CBD potencies. You want crystal, it's the pure stuff!

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We only stock crystal, yet for every 1000mg of non-crystal oil found elsewhere there will only likely be 50mg of actual CBD amongst inactive surplus oils to mislead the user. Most of our e-liquids come with a FREE E-cigarette & have plentiful flavours per range, Cannabis hemp is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease & should be used as part of a healthy & varied lifestyle..

We have carefully selected CBD vape-able oil with a high potency with a minimum of 100mg to choose from (Which is actually very high), All made from 99% pure Crystals which means it is what is says on the tin & not watered down! All the way up to 1000mg Pure CBD Crystal vapes specifically made for us, for you, The same quality of CBD E-liquid elsewhere usually retail at least 30% more, in-fact we will refund you if you find a like for like product cheaper.

Basically, with such a varied & confusing selection available on the market we have been careful to stock only the products we know will appeal to YOU!

Don't be fooled by non-crystal products, plain oil made from cheap industrial hemp without proper CBD extraction, giving a misleading higher concentration yet actually low in effect & will dissolve on the tongue only, in an e-cigarette nope, due to their crude production & have minimum effect.

We at ICE will always ensure you get the most bang for your buck with the highest quality products, great flavours & unbeatable prices like for like!

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