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5 Reasons to Consider CBD Vape Oil
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5 Reasons to Consider CBD Vape Oil

Posted: June 10, 2019

CBD vape oil is a popular option for those who enjoy smoking but don't enjoy the adverse health effects that come from it. Instead of smoking nicotine and potentially causing your body cancer, gum disease, and other medical conditions, many people are turning to CBD vape oil instead. CBD vape oil does not have the same nasty side affects you get from smoking analog cigarettes or e-cigarettes. Cigarettes contain an abundance of chemicals that all have a proven track record of hazardous potentials. Vaping is starting to surpass traditional forms of smoking. E-cigarettes still contain nicotine. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances found in cigarettes or e-cigarettes.

A little research about the negative effects nicotine plays on the human body will lead you to seeing repetitive phrases such as nicotine is at least as difficult to give up as heroin and others. Nicotine can affect the gastrointestinal system, your hormones, and your heart. One of the main adverse health effects from nicotine is the narrowing of airways which leads to increased blood pressure and the risk of stroke and heart attack. Obviously, this news is not enough to get people to stop smoking. That doesn't mean you have to keep smoking products that contain nicotine. CBD vape oil is a great alternative to nicotine products. Here are some of the most popular reasons why consumers find CBD vape oil to be their preferred vape.

Reduced Anxiety

Studies conducted on lab animals have suggested that CBD holds the ability to reduce anxiety. Countless scientific studies have showed promising results. With cannabis legalization occurring in more places globally than ever before, more people are able to openly discuss things such as CBD consumption. Many people who vape CBD oil say they do so to help reduce anxiety. In a social setting where someone feels out of place and typically reaches for a cigarette they can instead vape CBD oil. Unlike cigarettes or tobacco products CBD oil is not shown to cause heart disease, adversely affect the gastrointestinal system, hormones, or other vital parts of the body. CBD vape oil does more than just help people fight off anxiety.

Enhanced Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping at night then perhaps a CBD vape oil pen is just the thing you should try. While medical science does not come straight out and say that taking a few puffs off a CBD vape pen will help you sleep better at night tens of thousands of consumers around the globe are saying just this. Consumer claims of better night sleep are few and far between. However, with CBD they are in abundance and this abundance is attractive to those who battle insomnia. If this is you perhaps you may also find success enjoying high mg CBD vape oil before bed.

Reduced Inflammation

Perhaps part of that good night sleep comes from reduced anxiety and a decrease in inflammation. Inflammation is at the source of many different medical conditions. It causes chronic pain and at times can make life rather unbearable. When it comes to having inflammation and pain one group of people that knows about this more than most is athletes. Many athletes around the globe are supporting CBD as an alternative to ibuprofen and other pharmacological therapies.

A Healthy Endocannabinoid System

Every mammal on the planet has an endocannabinoid system. this unique part of our body works with naturally occurring cannabinoids such as melatonin, serotonin, and Anandamide. It is also very responsive to cannabinoids that occur in nature found in plants. The cannabis plant produces some of the richest forms of phytocannabinoids or plant-based cannabinoids found on Earth. Our body cannot replicate these phytocannabinoid. CBD is one of many of the phytocannabinoids found in cannabis. It helps regulate and maintain homeostasis along with increasing communication between cells and nerves. In an essence a cannabinoid deprived body will not have this. This is why it is important to ensure that your endocannabinoid system receives a good balance of cannabinoids.

To Kick Cigarettes or Alcohol

Perhaps one of the greatest attributes the general public agrees on about vaping CBD vape oil is its ability to help people kick alcohol and tobacco addiction. Some people might say hold up; you're just trading one addiction out for another. Tobacco and alcohol both are known killers. They have been destroying lives for generations. CBD on the other hand has not. CBD is not a brand-new product that just popped up yesterday it has been around for quite some time. It was originally stumbled across in the early 1930s and then again in the 1990s. Today we're learning more about the potential CBD may offer at an impressive rate. There's only so much negative propaganda that can be said about something before the countless claims from consumers surpass the rumors.