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7 reasons to ditch tobacco and choose vaping
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7 reasons to ditch tobacco and choose vaping

Posted: January 04, 2017

It’s pretty official - vaping is here to stay! A fantastic tobacco alternative, vaping is a much healthier way to relax and get the satisfaction of the act of smoking but with vapour instead. At your favourite ICE Headshop, we’ve got a tempting range of flavoured e-cigarette liquids and CBD oils to vape, as well as starter kits and accessories. What are you waiting for? Well, on the chance you are waiting and need more information to quit your traditional tobacco, here are seven reasons to ditch it now:

You’ll smell better

We’re sure you’ve noticed this yourself but people who vape often wander into a room smelling of butterscotch, mint, vanilla or some other delicious flavour. It’s a refreshing change from someone popping out of a meeting and coming back stinking like an ashtray. This might even mean you get to wash your clothes less… we won’t pry!

Vaping will save you money

Cigarettes are heavily taxed because of the bad impact they have on your health, so you’re always paying extra. With vaping, you buy an e-cigarette that can last for years, and then choose a variety of flavoured refills which are much cheaper than cigarettes. For each 1ml cartridge you get around 400 puffs… that’s so many cigarettes worth!

Vape oils don’t contain additives

Vape oils and e-cigarettes are much easier on your body than tobacco; for a start they’re not addictive and pumped full of nasty chemicals. You’ll be able to vape and enjoy it without worrying you won’t be able to stop or that you’ll come to rely on it. You can of course, choose cartridges with nicotine (which is addictive) and gradually reduce this to nothing over time. This is recommended for heavy smokers as you won’t necessarily want to go cold turkey.

You’ll age better

Smoking makes you look older and gives you wrinkles before your time. Overall it destroys the elasticity of your skin and worse still, increases you chance of skin cancer. With vaping, you’ll remove tar, tobacco and smoke from your life and in all likelihood, age better than you would have.

Smoking can lead to the big c

It’s long been proven that smoking is a direct cause of cancer. Once it gets into your airways and enters your lungs, you get smoke damage in the soft tissue that can lead to cancer. Not to mention it can cause chronic coughing and asthma. What better reason to ditch it and vape instead?

Say goodbye to ash and hassle

All you need to vape is a handy sized e-cigarette and the vape oil, which rests in the e-cigarette and is very lightweight. This can be stored discreetly in your pocket or bag and when you use it, you won’t get ash on your clothes and in your hair. There’s no clean-up or panicking if you’ve run out of gum to keep your breath fresh! >Literally. Smoke means fire and this isn’t safe - you can burn yourself and that is definitely not cool. Vaping equipment and accessories have also been designed to be stylish, so you can’t go wrong. Plus, when you come back to your friends at the table, you won’t have to put up with their judgements towards you as ‘the smoker in the group’ being anti-social and bringing in a bad smell. In addition to these reasons it’s worth knowing that e-cig vape oils don’t have mysterious ingredients. You can see a list of all ingredients and have the peace of mind that they’re safe to inhale. Get in touch with us below and be sure to follow us on Facebook.