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Banned Legal Highs & Post-ban Alternatives
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Banned Legal Highs & Post-ban Alternatives

Posted: February 23, 2017

The new non-banned substances have come in the form of powders and pills not for human consumption, based on combinations of different, legal chemicals. ICE Headshop have been at the forefront of offering new substances that are 100% legal, including Beak, Boost and Jester Herbal Energy. Just like the pre May 2016 ‘legal highs’, they are strictly not for human consumption. For anyone curious, let’s take a look at what exactly was banned back in May:

What exactly was banned?

The blanket ban from midnight 26th May 2016 criminalised the production, distribution sale and supply of ‘new psychoactive substances’. You can read the Home Office’s NPS guide here. *Banned legal highs*: - Spice/Annihilation - Salvia - Laughing gas


You might have heard of Spice or perhaps Black Mamba and Annihilation, as it went by a variety of names and brands. Essentially it was a smoking mix that was similar to cannabis and got a lot of press coverage at the time.


Salvia originated from a plant and would have been dried and smoked or chewed by those misusing it. The original plant was known as ‘Sage of the Diviners’ from Mexico. Also referred to in full as Salvia Divinorum, it had a reputation in spiritual circles and was part of the sage family. Perhaps it’s most famous moment came when it appeared in reports of an unusual video posted by Miley Cyrus.

Laughing gas

Laughing gas was made up of nitrous oxide, which came in canisters. Party goers who used the gas to blow up balloons (clearly against the law) and breathe them in for heady sensations. In the wake of the ban, VICE wrote a piece looking at how the regulations would be enforced, which you can check out here.

What are post-ban alternatives?

*Legal high alternatives*: Research powders Research pills CBD oils Herbals Poppers/room odourisers Here at ICE Headshop we have personally worked tirelessly to produce a post-ban research chemicals and pills. These are not for human consumption, so in that respect are a like for like alternative. None of these products should ever be consumed.

Research powders

Released in late 2016 after much research and trialling they provide microscopic moments, energy and activated senses. The main benefit is that you’re not put out of action the next day. The best feedback has been for Beak 1G and NRG 1G. These are probably the best on the market right now so worth investing in if you’ve otherwise been unimpressed.

Research pills

Made using a mix including methylxanthine caffeine, these new pills are high quality and liven up the senses is a sociable way in short bursts. Otherwise known as herbal energy, the ingredients are all natural. Sold in packs of 2 capsules, they come in small packages and are significantly better than plain old caffeine pills you might have had bad luck with in the past. Scooby Snacks are a triumph of research and 1UP gives extra energy and alertness.

CBD oils

Both a legal high and a tobacco alternative, CBD oils are used for vaping and the pure crystal, high % cannabinoid CBD e-liquids start at 100mg. We only stock pure crystal as anything else is just a poor imitation and a waste of your money. With under 0.2% THC, they’re legal under the ban and are for human consumption via vaping. Available in a range of flavours, they’re a cost effective solution and are reported to help out with feelings of stress. The CBD chemical from hemp is non-psychoactive.


At ICE Headshop our herbals, we can guarantee, are the best quality blends for incense you’ll find. Deriving from hemp, they have legal high quality ingredients and a very, very low level of THC - below 1ppm - meaning they are compliant with all new regulations. Relaxing and aromatic, we even developed the popular Cannabliss in 2016. In addition, poppers or room odourisers remain legal and can also be found for sale on our online shop. If you have any questions give us a shout, we don’t bite. Email us on [email protected] or call 01626 903102. Everything you order is delivered discreetly and orders over £50 get free 1st class delivery. Thanks to all of our customers - we’ve got through the last year and trust that we’ll always be striving to bring you bigger and better legal products.