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Best CBD Gifts

Posted: December 01, 2022 | Author: Blog Upload

This festive season we are all looking to give gifts that show we care about our loved ones and our nearest and dearest without breaking the bank. We are all looking toward a healthier future and what better gift to give than CBD.

CBD has many therapeutic and wellness properties and is used all across the globe to treat unwanted symptoms and for things like self-care, sports recovery and wellness.

We at ICE Headshop have compiled some of our top products and biggest bargains to make your shopping easy this Christmas! Shop all of your CBD gifts in one place and benefit from our many incredible bargains this year.


Best budget CBD

When shopping for the perfect present you can soon find yourself well over budget, especially when there are many people to buy for during festive times. That's why we have considered your wallet and stock a range of high quality CBD products that won't break the bank. There is no need for spending huge amounts on CBD products for your loved ones, not when our experts have sourced the best value for money on the market today.


CBG Relax Chocolate 1000mg

This delicious chocolate bar contains a whopping 1000mg CBD and is available in 7 amazing flavours. Focused on providing you a tasty treat with a wealth of benefits, each individual piece contains 41mg of CBD.

During festive times we love to indulge in the finer things in life that is why this great value CBD infused chocolate really hits the nail on the head. Give your loved one a delicious gift that will give them wellness in return.

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CBD Edibles Gift Box

In the spirit of Christmas and everything indulgent and delicious we bring to you our exclusive edibles gift box. Gift wrapped and ready to go this amazing value box contains:

  • 1x Naturcan brownie
  • 1x Orange County gummies 200mg bag
  • 1x Floyds on the go gummy
  • 1x Naturcan CBD infused chocolate 20mg 10g
  • 2x Medigums 10mg 10 pack
  • A free gift
  • The option to add extras.

An unbelievable amount of CBD value for money!

This gift box is the perfect gift for that special someone, show them that you care for them and their wellbeing with this bargain CBD treat. You won't find this much high quality CBD gift wrapped at such a low cost anywhere else, this is an ICE Headshop exclusive!

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Best luxury CBD

Now Christmas wouldn't be complete without some of the finer things in life. At ICE Headshop we are the UK 's top CBD retailer and specialise in everything CBD. Our experts scour the globe seeking the finest CBD oils available so that we can bring these top rank products directly to your door.

We have cherry picked an absolute banger for you this festive season so look no further if you are looking for a luxury CBD gift.


Somnio TerraVita Relax Lemon Lime 30ml

This wholesome, high quality CBD oil is really top shelf stuff. It contains 1000mg of full spectrum CBD, terpenes, ashwagandha root and is flavoured with lemon and lime fruity flavours. It is made from natural ingredients and it is pesticide and GMO free! Simply apply the drops beneath the tongue for fast acting results.

Give the perfect present of wellness this festive season and treat those close to you with a luxury CBD oil.

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Best CBD oil

When it comes to CBD oil the best one is the one that suits your routine and lifestyle, that's why we have chosen this great all rounder that is perfect for on the move, for use at home or discreet enough to use at work or in social situations.

Cannabidiol Access CBD Berry Flavour CBD oils 30ml
This CBD oil ticks all of the boxes:

  • Contains high quality broad spectrum CBD (this means it contains no THC)
  • 3rd party lab tested
  • Comes in a variety of strengths
  • Has a familiar flavour
  • Comes with a spray nozzle for easy dosing
  • Affordable price tag

This CBD oil really speaks for itself, it is packed full of goodness and natural flavours. Giving this to your nearest and dearest this festive season shows you care about their wellbeing and health.

Shop Canabidol CBD oil


Best CBD lotion

CBD is available not only as edibles and CBD oil, it is also available in cosmetic products used for skincare, sports recovery and simply for pleasure too. Relaxation and self-care is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle so why not incorporate CBD into your daily skincare or recovery routine.

Here we have selected one of our top CBD lotion products for you to indulge yourself in. Our comprehensive lotions and balms range contains hundreds of CBD cosmetic, wellness and recovery products.


Infinity CBD Anti Ageing Cream

This cracking anti-ageing cream (don't mind the pun) is crammed full of revitalising ingredients that includes; almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, vitamin E oil, eucalyptus essential oil as well as 100% organic CBD.

Designed to leave your skin soft and hydrated, give the gift of smooth and healthy skin this Christmas. The perfect gift for the important people in your life, treat them by letting them treat themselves to some high quality skincare.

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Best CBD vape

Vaping is one of the most popular trends at the moment as a healthier alternative to smoking. As one of the fastest ways to get effects from CBD there is no wonder that there are thousands of incredible CBD vape products on offer.

We have picked through hundreds of different products to bring you one of our firm favourites, be sure to check out our extensive range at our dedicated vape store.


Holy Grail Wide Spectrum Cannabis CBD Pen

This is the mother of all disposable cannabinoid pens. Absolutely jammed full of powerful CBD and other cannabinoids, it's no surprise that these pens fly off of our shelves. This unmatched beast contains a colossal 9000mg of wide spectrum cannabinoids and holds around 200 puffs.

This is the ultimate in CBD vape gifts this year, no need for any setting up, it is ready to rock right away. Simply start puffing and feel the effects almost instantly. If you are looking to give the gift of CBD this year then seriously, look no further!

Shop Holy Grail vape pen


Best CBD gift box

When it comes to giving, save yourself the hassle of putting together lots of little gifts... We've done it for you. Our gift box range includes just about everything you could give your loved ones all chosen for you, wrapped and delivered right to your door.


CBD Oral Oils Full Gift Pack

This gift box contains 3 of our highest quality oils at the lowest price on the market, it is also customisable so that you can really personalise this gift box and give someone a really special treat this Christmas. It contains CBD oil from three CBD giants; Canyon falls, CBGX & Natures oil.

Give the gift of wellness this Christmas and show your loved ones you care with this great value CBD oils box.

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Shop CBD gifts online

If you are shopping for CBD gifts this Christmas then you are in the right place. Our expert team have well over a decade of industry expertise and have scoured the globe sourcing you the best CBD products available anywhere on the market.

Visit our online store today where you can find great deals including free gifts, BOGOF offers, free delivery on orders over £35 and many more.

If you are looking for help finding the right CBD product for you then don't hesitate to get in touch. Our expert team is on hand 24/7/365.

Disclaimer: Please note that you must be 18 years or older to purchase CBD products. All claims and effects of CBD have been regulated by the MHRA since 2016 and distributors require a license from the MHRA to make any medical claims. Claims are opinion based and non-scientific, and while we may discuss the opinions people share, they are not our own. Our CBD is not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease. Although we can advocate its calming & healthy properties it is in no way intended for medicinal use.