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Can You Travel With A Vape?

Posted: July 20, 2022 | Author: Blog Upload

It is now easier than ever to get jet-setting across the globe to far-out destinations and all it takes is a click of a button and you are booked and ready to go. You wouldn't want to forget your favourite vaping accessories so we have compiled an ultimate guide on travelling with your vape or e cigarette.

There are many restrictions for travelling of late and they are mostly oriented around safety so it comes as no surprise that powerful battery operated vape devices come into question. In this article we clear up any misconceptions about travelling with a vape or e cigarettes and provide some useful tips and information for you.

Can you bring a vape or e cigarettes on a plane?

When it comes to bringing your vape on a plane, the answer is generally yes, you can bring your vape device (for example: E cigarettes, spare batteries, vape kits etc.) on a plane but only in your cabin bag/carry on baggage.

Major airlines like Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and many others provide information regarding vapes on their websites. Always check the specific airline policies of the company you fly with and be aware of any local customs in different countries. In European countries vaping is generally well tolerated (again normally in designated smoking areas) but, it is worth having a double check before you leave.

How to pack your vape for the airport

It is advised that any products containing batteries go in your hand luggage, this includes lithium ion batteries and other electronic cigarettes with disposable and removable batteries.

If you pack your vape device into your checked luggage instead of your carry on baggage you may find yourself being pulled aside to open your bag and your vape device, e cig or vape pen can (and probably will) be confiscated from you. If you want to bring any additional e liquid and other vape gear including things like a spare vape tank or e liquids these can go into your checked baggage.

You may be asked to put your vape pen or e cig into a clear plastic bag that is usually provided when your hand luggage gets checked at your departure airport, these are usually for cosmetics and liquids that are taken in your carry on luggage.

Using your vape in a UK airport

During your time in UK airports and terminal buildings your e cigarettes and vape devices can only be used in designated smoking areas (if there are any.) Smoking tobacco cigarettes and vape products is strictly restricted to designated smoking areas. There is a no tolerance policy at airports and you will jeopardise your trip if you decide to puff where you are not allowed.

Always Remember: Declare your batteries if asked at security or customs and always be sure to check the regulations of your destination country.

Can you bring e-liquids or vape juice on a plane?

When planning your trip you may want to take plenty of e liquids with you so that they last for the duration of your stay abroad. It is a smart idea to take a good supply with you as there may not be the e liquid of your choice and you might not find the right refills abroad.

As we mentioned before, airlines have guidelines for bringing liquids aboard a plane. You can often bring bottles of e liquids and other liquids up to 100ml in size in your carry on baggage, most airports limit 10x 100ml containers so pack wisely!

If you are planning on taking more than this allowance then stick it in your checked baggage, if you exceed the carry on luggage amount it will be seized or you will be forced to bin it. Bear in mind that if you use e cigarettes or disposable electronic cigarettes then you will be limited to 20 batteries in total - this includes any other types of batteries within your hand luggage.

Vaping laws - how to get through security with a vape

There is no crime in bringing vapes on a plane (unless it contains illicit substances) and the best idea is to inform the officer on duty, when asked, exactly how much you are carrying with you.

Other countries may have their own rules and regulations for the import of e liquid, electronic cigarettes, batteries and vaping products so always check the rules of your destination. If the law or border security guidelines suggest not to bring them then buy a disposable vape, electronic cigarette or refills once you leave the airport at your destination.

Can you vape on a plane?

There is no smoking of tobacco cigarettes or e cigarettes whatsoever on a commercial flight. Any form of smoke on a plane can be dangerous so whether it's cigs or tobacco smoke, do not put you and the others at risk, be patient and wait until you land.

Can you vape at the airport?

Some international and domestic airports do have designated smoking areas but this is becoming less common. We would recommend having a good vape before going through security to avoid any pre holiday disappointment.

If you are lucky enough to find a smoking area then of course enjoy your vape within that designated smoking area but don't risk having a puff wherever you like, this could mean you miss out on your flight. If there is no smoking area and you feel it necessary to get your nicotine fix, then you can take some nicotine patches or snus, these can often be found at the airport.

Can I purchase replacement electronic cigarettes, coils and e-liquid abroad?

It is certainly possible in a lot of destinations to buy electronic cigarettes, e liquid and coils to suit your needs but there is no guarantee. A little research into the area you are visiting may show that there is a shop.

The trouble you might have is finding products that match your individual preferences for example; flavour profiles, strength, power and coil size etc. We highly recommend that you stock up before you go to avoid disappointment. Our comprehensive store offers everything you could need at unbeatable prices. When it is possible to carry e cigarettes then don't fail to be prepared, visit our store today and fill your boots before you go.

Can I vape abroad?

This may sound like a silly question but believe it or not there are lots of countries in which vaping is banned in one way or another. Check the local laws to avoid ending up having your equipment confiscated or worse, getting in some serious trouble with the law. Here is a list of some of the countries that operate restrictions or bans on vaping altogether- there are many more so a quick Google search will serve you well.

  • Thailand
  • Sri Lanka
  • Singapore
  • Mexico
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • Australia
  • Argentina

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