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Common Vaping Problems & How To Solve Them
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Common Vaping Problems & How To Solve Them

Posted: November 30, 2022 | Author: Dan Currey

Vaping is a highly popular alternative to smoking where you inhale vapour through a vape device like a mod device, e cigarette or disposable electronic cigarette. You can use a vape device for things like nicotine and CBD and you can also use them simply for pleasure. There are e liquids available with no Nicotine or CBD, simply choose from thousands of delicious flavours.

As with any electrical or mechanical device you can encounter some technical issues, fear not, in this article we will cover the most common problems that you could experience with your vape device and provide tips and tricks on how to resolve them.

Main vape parts

Let us start by defining the main parts of a vape for reference during this article. There are many components and some clarity on what-is-what will really benefit you in resolving any issues you may encounter.

Battery pod

This is normally the main part that you hold in your hand and will usually be the part with the 'on-off' button on it. Some devices have removable batteries which can be charged externally but more commonly the battery is fixed into the handheld pod and charged via USB cable or power adapter.

Display screens

These are found (if the device has one) on the pod. It will display your battery life and power output as well as temperature. Buttons for adjusting the power output, temperature and 'on-off' function are usually found close by.

USB charging port

The USB port is found on the pod itself and they are generally universal. If your device doesn't come with a cable then check your instructions to make sure you get the right one to avoid disappointment.

Atomiser/ coil

This is the part of the device responsible for creating the vapour, without this you just have an e-liquid storage device. The atomiser or coil turns your e liquid of choice into vapour that you inhale.

There are a few different types of atomiser used in vape devices so check that you are purchasing the correct replacement if necessary.


The mouthpiece is the bit, you've guessed it, where you put your mouth to inhale the vapour. There are a number of different sizes and each have their own purpose. Small mouth pieces with small holes are better for more stealthy vaping and suit a lower voltage vape, they can be better for more intensity of flavour too.

Larger mouthpieces are conducive to bigger clouds of vapour production while using a higher power output, these are regularly found on mod devices, variable wattage devices and devices specific for big cloud making. If your vaping style is to create big clouds, then a larger mouthpiece will suit you.

Cartomizer or tank

This is the part of the device that is fitted to the top of your vape, it is responsible for storing the e liquid that your device turns into vapour. Tanks and cartomizers aren't always universal. Check the size and fitting of the device you have before buying a replacement as there are many different vaping styles.


So what are the common problems with a vape and how do I fix them? Here we answer the most common questions and provide some troubleshooting processes to have your electronic cigarettes or vape of choice up and running in no time!

Why is my vape not working

It can be somewhat frustrating to pick up your vape expecting vapour and to be met with a flat battery, spitting or no vapour whatsoever. Many vaping issues can be solved with very little equipment or know-how, you can use this guide to troubleshoot these problems at home or on the go!

There can be many different issues with a vape but normally nothing that is beyond repair. First and foremostly, it is wise to purchase your vape equipment from a trusted retailer with years of experience and know how. If you opt for a cheap vape then you will get a sub-average product.

Why is my vape spitting

This can be an unpleasant experience at best, e liquids are not designed to enter your mouth un-vapourised. If you notice any spitting from your vape then stop trying to inhale right away, there are a few things you should check.

The first thing to do here is to remove the mouthpiece (if possible) check for excess e liquid. Shaking the device into a paper towel or similar can clear any excess liquid in the mouthpiece, airflow holes or overflow from the chamber. Wipe around the top with a clean tissue and check:

  • Is your tank overfilled? If your tank contains too much e liquid then this can cause spitting of the e liquid as it tries to atomise it.
  • Is your tank over-tightened? Check how tightly your tank is screwed onto your pod. Over tightening can also cause spitting so a quick check of this may just sort it out. If you think the tank is too tight, ease it off and tighten it again.
  • Clean your tank - If the last two steps didn't help any then remove and take apart the tank and soak and rinse all of the parts (of the tank) with warm water. Dry them with a piece of kitchen roll and put them back together.

If this hasn't resolved your spitting issue then it may be that you are trying to inhale too hard for your tank to handle. Try changing to a tank that is better suited Direct-To-Lung (DTL), these are designed for more vapour and bigger hits.

Why does my vape burn my throat

Your vape can cause a burning sensation or sore throat for a number of reasons. Here's some of the steps you should take:

Check your e liquid

If your vape juice is running low then it could be that you are getting quite a dry hit. Top up your vape liquid so your tank contains more juice and see if this has improved this unwelcome sensation.

Check the PG/VG ratio of your vape juice

VG is the part of the vape juice that makes the big clouds. It could be that you are trying to get more of a big cloud than your juice permits, causing you to take too much of a big puff because you are not getting enough vapour. Choosing an e liquid with a higher VG ratio may help you to achieve the clouds you want without the sore throat.

Are you taking too many puffs?

How often are you using your vape? Inhaling vapour non-stop will probably cause a sore throat. Most vapers end up finding a good balance of power, strength and flavour and don't need to be constantly puffing. If you are using your vape non-stop then you might consider finding a stronger e liquid with a bigger nicotine hit or a more powerful device capable of bigger clouds of vapour like a Mod device. With a Mod device you can choose most of the component parts to suit your individual needs.

My vape isn't making any vapour

This is probably the first sign that something is wrong, no vapour makes a vaper sad. Not everyone has the same problem and this common problem can have many different solutions so let's get right into it.

Check your battery

Now this might seem obvious but we thought we'd include it anyway. If your pod doesn't have a display screen then how could you know if it was out of battery? Try charging your device with the charger provided and see if you get any action at all.

Check you have liquid in the tank

Again, another pretty obvious but easily overlooked thing to check. If it is empty, then top up your tank with some new liquid and give it another go. Sometimes residue in the tank can make it look as if there is e liquid inside, if this is the case try giving your tank a clean with warm water before filling it up again.

Has your disposable e cig simply run out?

Disposable e cigarettes have a limit on how long the battery and liquid will last, if you are a fan of the disposable electronic cigarette and it has run out simply visit your favourite online vape shop and stock up your reserve.

Check the connections on your device

It could be that your connections have gotten obscured, sticky or are not making contact. Try taking your device apart, cleaning carefully around all of the connections with a dry or very slightly wet cotton bud. Re-assemble and lets see what happens.

If none of these have worked then...

You could well have a faulty coil, sometimes the wicking material can be wound too tightly and not let any vapour through. Try replacing your heating element with a fresh new coil. Careful not to buy a coil for the wrong device, this too will not work, consult your instructions, check out our store or if you'd like any help then feel free to contact our team.

E liquid is leaking from my tank

A very common issue but one that can be easily avoided. Simple maintenance and usage practices will prevent leakage 9/10 times.

Don't overfill your tank

Overfilling your vape tank with liquid can cause it to leak and e liquid isn't great inside your favourite bag or pocket of your best jeans. Try leaving a small amount of air inside the tank when you fill it, this can help make a vacuum and keep the liquid inside.

Don't over tighten you device

There are many moving parts that need to be thread properly and tightened but, over-tightening can cause you to break the thread or o ring. Always take care when maintaining and assembling your vape so that it lasts a long time.

Check your o ring

This is the small rubber seal between the component parts of your device, you can find it between your tank and pod. If it is split, perished or damaged in any way then you should replace it. Replacement o rings are very cheap to replace and its not worth the hassle it causes to try and run your device with a broken one.

I'm experiencing a burnt taste

There can be a number of different reasons that your vape tastes burnt and we have a few simple solutions for making sure you get a clean, tasty hit.

Is your e liquid running low?

When your e liquid gets too low you will start to get dry hits , these dry hits are a precursor to a burnt hit where there is little or no liquid to burn. Ensure that your device is properly topped up with enough liquid before puffing on your vape so that it is vaporised properly.

Are you taking too many hits too quickly?

Chain puffing your vape can lead to your wick not being able to soak up the liquid quick enough - try leaving your vape for a moment between hits so that the wick has time to soak up enough e liquid for a delicious puff.

Are you using too much wattage for the e liquid?

On Mod and variable power devices it is possible that you have too high a power setting for the e liquid you are trying to vape - try turning the power down and slowly increase it until you find the sweet spot for your vape and liquid. Remember the more power your device is outputting the faster it will get hot and use your liquid of choice.

Is your coil old?

If you have a changeable coil it could be that after some time it needs replacing. After lots of use, coils can require changing to ensure a smooth and clean hit.

Make sure that you replace your coil with the correct type for your device, you can find many replacement coils in our online shop.

Time to upgrade your vape device?

If you are experiencing troubles with your vape then it might be an idea to upgrade to a high quality new device with better power output and easier changeability of its components.

At ICE Headshop we stock only high quality vape Mod parts and kits as well as everything else you might need to get you started on your vaping journey. Don't miss out on our incredible offers as well as huge discounts on bulk buys and free delivery when you spend over £35.

Our expert team has over a decade of industry expertise and are ready to help with all of your vaping needs.

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