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How to choose the right CBD Oil
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How to choose the right CBD Oil

Posted: January 16, 2018

CBD oils are increasingly popular and there are a lot on the market to pick from, with some undoubtedly being better than others. How to choose the right CBD oil is a personal question and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ answer.    

Some high-quality CBD oils to pick from include:

Canavape cbd oils             - Harmony E-liquids 30mg CBDCanavape E-liquids 40mg CBD - ECS Drops 3000mg CBD

Our new range of 50/50 CBD e-liquids:

cbd oil and packaging             - 50/50 CBD 40mg - 50/50 CBD 100mg - 50/50 CBD 200mg - 50/50 CBD 300mg Here are our top tips to help you pick wisely:

cbd oil bottlesOnly choose pure crystal CBD

The main thing to be aware of before getting into the details is that you should only buy effective, pure crystal CBD oil… that’s all we stock on ICE Headshop as it’s the best available. Any other kind is likely to be misleading in advertised potency and effects.

Choosing the right strength

All of our CBD oils are clearly labelled with the amount of CBD, either as milligrams or as a percentage. The truth is everyone is different so the amount you want to take really depends on your situation and what you already take. If you’ve never used CBD before, it’s best to start low and judge the effects from 1 to 2 milligrams daily. We’re not doctors and don’t claim to be, so take your time to research.

Choosing your flavour

There’s a huge selection of flavours to choose from, and it can be the hardest part of choosing the right CBD oil due to the amount of choice! Popular flavours include sweet and juicy flavours like lemon and strawberry, as well as hemp inspire kush flavours like O.G Kush. Essentially, if you like the flavour in food and drinks you’ll like it’s translation into these oils as manufacturers do their best to recreate flavours true to life and can even enhance them.

Pick certified labs

Really, the best way to ensure you’re purchasing a CBD oil that’s pure is to check that the brand gets their oils lab certified. These certificates show that the advertised amount of CBD milligrams has been accurately tested in a lab, as well as free from any contaminants you want to avoid.

Pick a trusted seller

At ICE Headshop we’re proud to be a trusted seller and will always be open and honest about our products, all of which are high quality. With years of experience and a dedicated team, we find the best products available internationally and ship them right to your door. Read our reviews here and see for yourself.

Fantastic offers at ICE Headshop

We have a range of offers always running on the site, like free delivery on orders over £50, 10% ICE points for money off future orders and 20% off orders of £100 and more. Take a look at our CBD oils today and see what you can save. To make it easy, we show you the savings on each product with a current offer. Got a question? We’re on hand. Contact us here.