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How to Store and Preserve Cannabis Seeds
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How to Store and Preserve Cannabis Seeds

Posted: August 17, 2017

Once you’ve browsed our range of over 40000 cannabis seeds and carefully made your selection, the next step is storing them safely at home to preserve their quality. After all, when you’ve got yourself some of the best genetics around you’re going to want to treat them well.

Why is seed storage important?

The better you keep your seeds the longer they can be part of your collection. A well-kept seed can last for up to 10 years (average 4-5 years) which we think is outstanding value for money. Correct storage also preserves their genetic integrity and viability for growth (only applicable to countries where germination is legal).

Storage MUSTS

- Keep in a cool place - Keep away from direct sunlight - Keep in a dry place away from moisture For all seeds, they want to be stored in a cool, dry and fairly dark place where they won’t have to contend with changing temperatures and dampness. This leads some collectors to store their seeds in a fridge or freezer where the seeds don’t get the sunlight and moisture they need to develop from seed to plant. If you think about it, you’re trying to keep the seeds as seeds so you don’t want them to come into contact with anything to make them grow or change their current state. Consistency is key to keep them for many years.

Fridge storage

Many seed collectors of feminised, autoflowering and regular find this the best way to store seeds for longer durations. The main risk of course is moisture from the fridge moulding the seeds and the light from the bulb disturbing their state. Avoid this by always using opaque, air-tight plastic containers. You also shouldn’t take them out very often as this will expose them to changing temperatures that could cause unwanted damage.

Freezer storage

Freezers are an alternative to fridges but come with the risk of rupturing cells within the seeds. This means they lose their viability and should it be lawful to grow them, it may not be possible once you remove them from the freezer. If you use this option to keep seeds for years, ensure you use an air-tight, vacuum-sealed package and that the temperature in the freezer remains constant. Once taken out, they should be warmed to room temperature.

Separating your seeds

Due to the risks involved and the fact some seeds may take to long term storage better than others, it’s recommended that you split seeds up and allocate some to room storage, some to fridge and some to freezer storage. This increases your chances of success and over time you might develop a good intuition that will come in handy when you collect brand new seeds. If you have any tips add them to our list with a comment below. Follow us on Facebook for more tips, offers and seed advice. Happy collecting guys!