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Research Chemicals After the Ban
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Research Chemicals After the Ban

Posted: November 16, 2016

We’re excited by our new range of research chemicals, which are 100% legal, made with an ingenious mix of ban exempt chemicals… that should keep the fun police appeased! Although, as you know, our products were never intended for human consumption, some were misused in spectacular fashion. However, since the ban in May 2016, anything that was deemed psychoactive has been illegal and those old highs have gone the way of the dodo. Like you, we were a bit miffed but went back to the drawing board to create new legal high quality products in line with the law. At a glance, it seemed like the industry was dead but we’ve come out stronger and given it a new lease of life!

A phoenix rises

Exemptions to the list meant that with a bit of cleverness and passion, those exempt substances have been enhanced and given super powers with various other stimulants. This, combined with trial and error, has created something altogether new and appealing. So the headline is the industry is not dead, and our new safe chemicals are a bonafide hit - we’re not only in it for a good time, we’re in it forever. Here we go again! Check out our new legal high strength chemicals range below and forget about the troubles 2016 has caused, 2017 will be here soon enough! snuff pack

Our new range of Research Powders

Our Research Powders are quite something and have proven to be better than you’d expect - check out the latest reviews. POW is made from the guys that created China White and Dust Till Dawn, so you trust in it’s powerful effects. Activate your senses and get back to business with our selection and we’re also offering an energy pack of our powders with a free snuff kit… to misuse!

Our new range of Research Pills

If you prefer pills, we’ve got two great offerings with Jester and Bosh that give herbal energy hits and are quite heady.

Our new range of CBD oils

Our oils let you feel that CBD love and come in a range of flavours. With 100mg Cannabinoid crystal and THC under 0.2%, you get a citrus fizz and a good flow through your senses. All orders come with a free e-cigarette so you should be tempted if you’re in your right mind. Happy times!