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What is CBD Oil and How To use It
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What is CBD Oil and How To use It

Posted: July 26, 2019

Cannabidiol oil or CBD oil for short is a plant extract produced from cannabis. CBD can be extracted from industrial hemp or medical cannabis. CBD extracted from industrial hemp contains virtually no THC and is legal in most places. CBD extracted from medical cannabis will contain THC and has questionable legality in most areas. Cannabidiol or CBD is a phytocannabinoid or plant-based cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant. It is one of dozens of different cannabinoids found in cannabis. It was first discovered in the early 1930s.

In the early 1990s more research led to a deeper understanding of exactly what CBD was. Since then medical professionals and researchers have been studying the effects of CBD. Today you can find a myriad of studies published on the NCBI supporting therapeutic attributes of CBD. There are so many in fact that when politicians or other professionals say more research is needed it makes a person wonder if they've actually read any of these research papers. CBD is the compound extracted from the cannabis plant. It is then added with hemp seed oil, olive oil, avocado oil, or MCT coconut oil. Any one of these oils acts as a carrier helping to distribute CBD throughout the body.

The Basics of Consuming CBD Oil

CBD oil is available in many different strengths. On average, it starts out at 100 mg per 10ml and goes much higher. The average strong dose of CBD is 1000 or 5000 mg per 10 mL. A 10ml bottle has roughly 10 doses in it. This would make a 1000 mg bottle 100 mg per dose at 10 doses or a 5000 mg 500 mg per dose at 10 doses. CBD oil can be added to food, taken directly under the tongue, or even rubbed on the skin. You can add CBD vape to your favorite over-the-counter topical products as well as baked goods, beverages, and other health and beauty products. You can even put CBD oil in your belly button to help benefit your Pechoti gland. The Pechoti gland is located behind our belly button and it's connected to an estimated 150,000 plus nerves throughout the body. CBD oil can pretty much be consumed just about every way imaginable!

The only instance where you will want a different type of CBD oil is if you are suffering from arthritic pain. Joint pain and arthritis exist deep in our bones and tissues. While rubbing a CBD oil on the surface of your skin may provide some relief it will not be nearly as effective as utilizing a transdermal CBD oil. Transdermal CBD products are usually found in the form of sprays, lotions, creams, and patches. They absorb through the skin to help battle pain and discomfort where it hurts most.

What Do Some People Use CBD Oil For

Consumers use CBD oil for just about everything imaginable. From aches, cramps, and pains, to stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more people are finding the relief they've been looking for in CBD. Can so many people be telling the same lie? It's highly unlikely. CBD oil could actually work for all of these different conditions people report. Unlike an anxiety pill that will not work for chronic pain CBD can work for both. Most pharmaceutical medication does not respond harmoniously with the body. There is typically a long list of dangerous and at times potentially deadly side effects with most pharmaceuticals. In comparison try to find a list of side effects from CBD oil. At best you will find reports of the occasional person feeling dizzy, having an upset stomach, or a case of diarrhea. All of these could potentially happen but are easily avoided for the most part. Starting out low and slow to determine how much CBD oil works for you is the most advised option for learning how to consume CBD oil. If you don't notice a difference, try increasing your dosage until you discover a change. Repeat that dosage again and again to see if it provides the effectiveness you're looking for. Usually within a short time people are able to determine how much to take and when to take their CBD oil to provide them relief from the symptoms they suffer with. One of the great benefits of CBD oil is that it does not produce any kind of intoxicating effects, buzz, or high. This means you won't have the stoned couch locked feeling that comes from consuming THC.

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Many people who live their lives in pain and are not able to find the relief they're looking for by visiting their doctor, dont be one of them.

Please note:-

Just because you decide to give CBD a try doesn't mean you should throw away all of your medicine. Many times CBD works in conjunction to increase the effectiveness of medication. Consult your doctor or physician if you're thinking about trying a CBD product and are currently taking any form of prescription medication. All information in this article is for informaiton purposes only, you must always seek qualified proffessional help and guidance.