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What's The Difference Between Hemp Oil And CBD Oil?
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What's The Difference Between Hemp Oil And CBD Oil?

Posted: November 05, 2021

In this article we aim to explain the major differences between hemp seed oil and CBD oil and guide you to making the right purchase for your individual needs. It is important to learn that neither of these products are psychoactive, rather they can serve as a great health supplement of medical accompaniment.

Both hemp seed oil and CBD oil are incredibly diverse and can be easily integrated into many different lifestyles. At ICE Headshop we have more than 10 years of industry expertise and continue to stay up to date with the latest science, industry news and product ranges. Browse our range of high quality CBD oils and hemp oils online and order for fast and efficient delivery.

What is hemp seed oil?

The oil that we extract from hemp seed is a popular and natural oil with many medical, homeopathic and nutritional properties. Much like olive oil, hempseed oil is extracted by being pressed.

Although a member of the cannabis family, hemp differs from marijuana in that it has very little-to no THC content. The hemp plant is grown mainly for industrial purposes, things like fabric, rope, paper etc.

Hemp seeds can be used as food, fishing bait and oils (to name a few). Hemp oils are a diverse oil in that it can be used to treat numerous conditions and ailments as well as be a part of a regular healthy diet and health routine.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is the cannabinoid Cannabidiol (or simply CBD) that has been extracted from hemp plant or cannabis plant into a pure state and usually blended with a carrier oil. It too, like hemp seed oil,  is not psychoactive but it can be extracted from the same plant, both hemp and marijuana. It is said that CBD extracted from cannabis flower as opposed to hemp is more potent.

CBD oils containing any trace of THC must be below the legal limit of 0.2% THC - the limit deemed safe for consumption and low enough to not cause psychoactive effects.

How are CBD and hemp oil made?

We have talked of the basic differences between hemp oil vs CBD oil, in this section we will cover how these oils are made. As we now know, CBD oil and hempseed oil are different products altogether and it's no surprise that the extraction methods differ too.

Let us start with hemp seed oil.

How is hempseed oil made?

Hempseed oil is extracted just like any other seed oil, in an oilseed press machine. There are two main varieties of oilseed press machines, the 'screw press' and the 'screw down' design. The seeds are collected from hemp plants and placed in the hopper where they are then fed to an expeller screw that crushes the seeds, from there the oil flows into channels where it gets separated from the seed pulp.

Although the process sounds simple, there are many factors that can change the final quality of the oil that is yielded, such as:

  • Temperature
  • Seed size
  • Seed storage conditions
  • Moisture

When shopping for hemp seed oil, look for products that are cold-pressed as these products retain more of the beneficial components due to the low amount of heat used in the pressing process.

How is CBD oil made?

There are two main ways in which CBD oil is extracted, one method uses Co2 (thought to be the cleanest method providing an impurity free extract) and the other is the alcohol extraction.

The alcohol extraction method requires very little equipment but is highly dangerous and best left to the professionals, Co2 extraction is less dangerous but requires a lot of specialist equipment that comes with a substantial price tag. Remember that extraction processes using heat and/or flammable materials are high risk and not to be undertaken by amateurs. Also there are many legal hoops to jump through when handling large amounts of hemp or cannabis.

CBD can be extracted from both industrial hemp and marijuana plants, this is because different cannabinoids are extracted at different temperatures making it simple to select and separate them to their individual compounds.

What are the benefits of hemp seed oil?

The benefits of hemp seed oil come from its content of 3 polyunsaturated fats including omega-3s and omega-6s. These fatty acids are vital for our regular body systems. The ratio of these polyunsaturated fats are 3:1 (omega-6s:omega-3s) said to be the perfect ratio for health benefits for humans.

Here are a couple of uses for hemp seed oil:

  • Treating dermatitis and other skin ailments
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Aids healthy pregnancy
  • Lowers blood pressure

These are just a few examples, hemp seed oil can be beneficial for other ailments as well as helping to support a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

There are a multitude of benefits to using CBD oil, it has become a health supplement staple and is used widely around the globe. CBD can be used by almost anyone and to treat innumerable conditions or illnesses.

CBD, unlike THC, gives no psychoactive effects and can be used as much as required. When taking CBD you get hundreds of options of how to do so, there are products like:

CBD interacts with our CB1 and CB2 receptors found within our brains that help regulate things like; Cognitive function, our immune system, immunity, memory, appetite and mood.

CBD has been shown to demonstrate almost no side effects and provide relief for millions worldwide in place of some harmful and addictive pharmaceutical medicines.

Should I use hemp seed oil or CBD oil?

When choosing a cannabis product it is first best to know what results you would like to achieve. If you would like to treat a skin condition then both CBD and hemp seed oil would be ideal. For things like seizures and PTSD then CBD is probably the better option. This decision does come down to your personal preference in the type of product that you use and also the ailment, illness or reason for choosing to take it. Remember to always consult a medical professional before starting to implement a new health supplement into your diet.

Our dedicated blog page has many informative articles on everything CBD, take a look for more information and industry knowledge.

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