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Why Disposable Vapes are Perfect for Vaping Beginners
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Why Disposable Vapes are Perfect for Vaping Beginners

Posted: December 20, 2023 | Author: Blog Upload

CBD gummies are an easy, often delicious way to get your dose of high quality CBD and are available in a range of strengths and flavours. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to get started with CBD gummies as a beginner. From knowing the potential benefits of CBD to choosing the right type of gummies, our guide will also include tips on dosage and how to incorporate CBD gummies into a daily routine.

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What are disposable vapes?

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found within and extracted from hemp and cannabis plants that has many potential therapeutic benefits. Being non-psychoactive means that it does not provide mind altering effects or a 'high'. The psychoactive properties of cannabis are mostly attributed to THC, Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, and a few other minor cannabinoids that appear in varying levels depending on the individual cannabis strain where the extraction is taken from.

CBD was first discovered in 1940 by Roger Adams at the University of Illinois. This discovery was an important milestone for the study of cannabinoids which led to further research into the therapeutic benefits of the CBD molecule.

Taking CBD is widely done for its many reported benefits and can be used for:

  • Stress disorders and for helping reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Aiding better sleep as CBD can be effective for insomnia and a broken sleeping pattern
  • Helping sports recovery and other aches and pains of joints and muscles
  • It's anti-inflammatory properties

CBD is (most often) isolated using sophisticated and advanced methods of extraction and is available in a number of forms, most commonly CBD isolate, broad spectrum CBD and full spectrum CBD. There are very few side effects from CBD use, it has a great safety profile and can be easily incorporated into any healthy lifestyle or wellness routine.

CBD is legal in the UK, in parts of Europe, and in many other places around the world. You should always check the laws where you are and if you plan to travel.

Popular vapes for beginners

Eating edibles can be a very simple experience, and with CBD gummies, it couldn't be any easier to incorporate your dose into your daily routine:

  • Delicious flavours
  • Precise dosing
  • Portable and convenient
  • Incredible choice

CBD gummies are delicious and enjoyable to eat whenever you need them - you simply choose a CBD gummy that suits your flavour preferences and matches your strength requirements and you're ready to go.

CBD gummies are easily carried in a pocket or bag and require no measurement or preparation, simply pop it in your mouth and enjoy. Typically the effects can be felt from between 30 minutes and two hours. Personal factors include body weight, diet, height, and metabolisation rate and will affect the dosage you need to meet your personal requirements.

Fortunately, there are a wealth of different strengths and packet sizes of CBD gummies to choose from. At ICE Headshop we pride ourselves on our high quality range of CBD and other cannabinoid products. Our experts have decades of industry experience and have sourced the finest products available from around the globe. For more information on our products, get in touch.

Darwin 1000mg CBD vape pen

This powerful and compact CBD vape pen offers up to 2500 puffs and contains 1000mg of CBD. These Nicotine-free vape pens come in a large range of delicious flavours including cola, minty menthol, blackcurrant, raspberry and even watermelon ice.

If you're looking for a product that gives bang-for-buck then look no further.

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Holy Grail wide spectrum cannabinoid pen

Full spectrum CBD contains a wide range of naturally occurring compounds from the cannabis plant including other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. There is an effect called 'The Entourage Effect', where it is thought that all of the natural compounds work together synergistically to create a greater effect. People opt for a full spectrum product because it is more naturally complete and offers a greater or fuller effect due to the presence of other cannabinoids and naturally occurring compounds.

Full spectrum products do contain trace amounts of THC and other cannabinoids, so it's recommended to be wary of this if you have any restrictions due to work or sporting regulations. We also advise you to check with your healthcare professional if you have any concerns regarding the use with medicines, or potential negative effects due to existing healthcare and psychological conditions.

As full spectrum CBD gummies contain trace amounts of THC and other cannabinoids it's advisable to always shop with a reputable retailer that sources products from top manufacturers and provides 3rd party lab analysis.

Read more about 'The Entourage Effect'

Orange County 500mg disposable vape pen

From one of our favourite manufacturers, Orange County, is the new, 500mg CBD/CBG disposable vape pen. Small enough to fit in your pocket, this high-quality, cannabinoid loaded vape pen contains 250mg of CBD and 250 mg CBG. You can expect up to a whopping 900 puffs from one disposable vape.

This product can be enjoyed by new vapers and experienced vapers alike.

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Starting with a disposable vape

Starting with a disposable vape is a sure way to introduce yourself to the world of vaping. With disposable vapes, you'll find plenty of options in terms of vape contents, strength, designs and flavours. You can be sure that whether it is nicotine vapes, CBD and other cannabinoid vapes, or simply flavoursome vapes, you will find one that suits your individual style and product needs.

If you're giving up traditional cigarettes then vaping has the potential to be a less harmful alternative to help you stop smoking and still provides a good throat hit, as well as plenty of satisfying flavours to choose from. Some of the best disposable vape flavours are sweet and fruity options, but there's a whole host to choose from.

There's also an abundance of CBD and other disposable cannabinoid vapes available. Vaping CBD or cannabinoid products is a very simple and effective way to get your daily dose. No need for complex vape pens, simply start with one of many different CBD vapes.

The benefits of disposable vapes

As well as being a great alternative to smoking cigarettes, there are many benefits of using disposable vapes. They are incredibly popular right now so let's take a look at some of the main benefits.


CBD gummies come measured to make dosing simple. You will find that (almost always) CBD gummies are measured in mg per gummy. This way you can easily keep track of your dosage by monitoring how many edibles you eat.

You have an option to choose a gummy that suits your strength needs per gummy, or to choose CBD gummies that you can eat multiples of to meet your dosage requirements (if you prefer to eat more gummies because, well, why not?).

Simplicity and ease of use

The effects that can be felt from CBD vary from person to person. We each have our own unique physiology, metabolisation rate and tolerance. When starting with CBD it is important to remember that it is different for each person and some initial experimentation is necessary.

How many CBD gummies should you eat? It all depends on the CBD strength and your requirements, but always check the manufacturer's guidelines and dosage advice. For first time users, it is also always recommended to start with a low dose and top up until you reach the desired effect.

Typical dosages are:

  • Low - 5-20 mg per day for general wellness
  • Medium - 20-50 mg per day for managing anxiety, sleeping issues or chronic pain
  • High - 50 mg and above, for those suffering from considerable pain disorders, anxiety and other severe symptoms

Starting with a low dose allows you to see how your body reacts, and if you aren't getting the relief or relaxation you desire, you can then gradually increase the dose. CBD gummies can take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to work, so be patient to avoid wasting your CBD gummies.

Variety of vape flavours and strengths

When you shop for a disposable vape you can be sure that there will be a vape with a flavour and strength profile to suit your individual needs. You will find organic, vegan friendly, THC free vapes in a whole host of flavours, each with their own throat-feel and drag feel. Top vape brands like Elf Bar and Lost Mary offer a high quality vapour with a great drag-feel, flavour and compact size suitable for on the go, or in the comfort of your home.

When you choose a disposable vape you have the option to try different varieties of vape flavours without being tied down to a whole bottle of a specific e-liquid. Typically disposable vapes contain 1-2 ml of concentrated vape juice with some vapes containing up to 600 or more puffs.

Discreet and convenient

Disposable vapes are not only ready to go and highly reliable but they take up very little space and are easily transported and stored. More often than not they can be tucked into your pocket or bag ready for when you need it.

Don't worry about cleaning or topping up, once the vapour stops coming out of your disposable vape it is finished and it's time to try a new flavour. If you're worried about big clouds of vapour then you can opt for vapes with less cloud properties.

Read more about the pros and cons of disposable vapes

What to look for when buying a disposable vape

At ICE Headshop we always recommend shopping with a trusted retailer that sells products made by reputable brands. We believe that when you shop with an experienced and trusted seller you can be sure that you will be getting a genuine product.

Transparency is key when it comes to products like vapes and CBD products and we firmly believe that products with certification of the contents and third-party lab tests that test for strength, purity and contaminants are the best value for money products. With tested and certified products you can be sure that you are getting exactly what you paid for and better regulate your intake and monitor things like dosage (the latter is more so applicable for CBD and other cannabinoids).

At ICE Headshop we have years of industry expertise and offer a bespoke shopping experience. Our experts are at hand to help with any queries you have regarding any of our products.

If you'd like more information on us and our products, head to our blog.

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The challenge of starting a vaping journey

Users of CBD report improved sleep cycles and longer and more fulfilling sleep, as well as benefits such as relaxation and a 'quieting of the mind'. Individuals with insomnia can experience a more regular sleep cycle, which can help to improve mental health and healing within the body. Furthermore, people suffering from things like PTSD and other traumatic experiences can potentially reduce nightmares to aid sleep cycles.

These are not the only health benefits of CBD, in fact, CBD can be used to help aid many aspects of your life. If you would like to learn more about CBD, its uses and benefits, then visit our blog where we publish guides on everything you need to know about CBD and cannabinoid products.

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When you are investing in wellness products, it is worth taking the time to source high quality products from a retailer you can trust. There are many low quality products available on the market and many retailers that are selling cheap and unregulated products.

With decades of experience at ICE Headshop, we recommend purchasing a product that is made by a trusted manufacturer that provides a 3rd party lab analysis or lab report of the contents of their products. When it comes to the cannabis and cannabinoid product industry, transparency is key and that's why ICE Headshop sources all of our CBD from the finest manufacturers worldwide.

We recommend that you opt for products that demonstrate transparency of the production process and contents and offer a range of strengths and flavours - this way you can be sure you will get the most out of your product for the best price.

Prices for CBD products vary widely. You can pay anywhere from £5-£150 for a tub of gummies and this will depend on the strength and size of the tub. 5-10 mg gummies can cost roughly between £10 and £30 for 10-30 gummies. Potent CBD gummies containing 25 mg or more can cost in a range upwards of £60 for 60 gummies or more.