Advanced Female Seeds

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Haze Mist Seeds Advanced Female Seeds
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Advanced Female Seeds are… well, advanced. Quite so in fact. We’re not talking about no simple primo stuff here, nope, we’re talking full-on advanced seeds with the kind of quality that you’re hippy uncle would die for. These beauts are tested in every imaginable way and selected through a rigorous testing procedure. Us Ice Heads can vouch, there are some good god-d*** plants coming out of these seeds.  Just BOOM your first try of one of these girls will make your head spin.

Currently their AK-47 is making a lot of noise from reviewers and the, uh, users of said product and let me tell you, friend, that there is no exaggeration here. This AK-47 is aptly named, it hits like a full impact assault rifle of weed and it is just great. Huge yields come from this one too and it sprouts up like, well a weed. But, there are plenty more to try here from the good old classics to originals straight from their farms in Spain. All these seeds are feminized from the start so don’t be worrying about the boys coming in and flirting with your girls and messing up the yields, Advanced Female Seeds has got you covered in that department.

Advanced Female Seeds have earned their glowing recommendations and let me say that us here at Ice Headshop are not just a little bit excited to be able to offer these to you all at a great price. Being said, there are plenty of other great breeders we offer and maybe we’re getting a bit too excited about Advanced Female Seeds. Uh, wait, no we’re not. These guys are offering great seeds at a great price with huge yields and just insane potency. Order up, comrades, get you some discreet and quick shipping to your door step and enjoy some amazing Cannabis seeds from the comfort of your home