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Do you want to be advanced? On the cutting edge of all things, but especially Cannabis? Of course you do, what are you some kind of square? Leap into the future of Cannabis with Advanced Seeds. This world class seed bank goes through some intense measures to ensure to only the most exquisite of Cannabis seeds get through their intimate and strict production procedures. These guys will blow your minds with their quality seeds. We’ve been hard-pressed to find much better seeds out there, this is some world-class business we’re talking about.

  • Spanish growers, with the quality that matches
  • 100% organic techniques, no pesticides here
  • Ensured complete genetic purity
  • Prices that won’t make you cry

Do we recommend them? Does the Pope smoke blunts on Easter? This Afghan Skunk might be one of the best on the market and don’t even get us started on that legendary Jack Herer they’ve got going on. Looking for something a little different? Try the Auto Somango, it’s an auto feminized that combined Jack Herer, Big Skunk and all the goods from Ruderalis genetics into this tropical-candy-tasting knock you on your a** cannabis that grows in 60 freakin’ days. High yields with high THC with a quick grow time and a delicious taste, uh yeah, that sounds like quality Cannabis to me.

                Pricing is great here too, and we Ice Heads are practically giving these away at this point. Try to find a better deal on Advanced Seeds! Hey, I dare you! We’ll be waiting right here when you’re ready and you go back to listening to your old pals at the Ice Head Shop. Even if you’re not sold on Advanced Seeds yet, despite their just astounding line of auto and auto-feminized seeds we’ve got plenty more to offer so keep looking around. Remember, Ice Head Shop’s always got your back with our quick and sly shipping methods with prices that are simply the best around. 

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