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Canadian Bred Seeds - Kandian Kush Seeds
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Let’s get one thing straight here about Canadian Bred Seeds. They’re a bit new on the block, sure, but they’ve been tearing up the scene lately and us Ice Heads had to get on board. After some initial sampling we decided it was in everyone’s best interest to start delivering Canadian Bred Seeds to the masses, and here we are. Their focus on genetics is astounding and they’ve really got a knack for bringing new strains to the picture. Variety and iniquitous strains are key for the longevity of a brand, and we here at Ice Head Shop support the way Canadian Bred Seeds have approached this.

These cats have been getting rave reviews all over the net with their attention to what growers want out of Cannabis. The Bunker Bud in particular is interesting as it’s specifically bred for stealth operations indoors such as a Sea of Green set up. Definitely recommended for those who may want to, legally, grow indoors without anyone snooping in on you. They also have strains like the Lethal Purple which was bred for being tasty-delicious and potent as H*ll. Got to love a breeder that can diversify, sign of a true artist.

Genetics, quality, and taking Cannabis to a whole new level. It’s what the whole practice is about and we’re on board 100%. Plus, Canadian genetics have always been world-class so we know they’re working with some of the best material out there. Ice Head Shop is welcoming Canadian Bred Seeds (CBS) to the site and we’re offering our always low prices on any and all of their seeds as well as our super-swift-stealthy shipping all over the world.