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Renowned for their top-notch product with prices that scream, “Buy me now!” Cream of the Crop isn’t about over-charging consumers for their seeds, despite have some of the most respected strains in the world on their line-up. They do this with their proprietary Cannabis breeding technique that ensures both quality and quantity in their product, how are you even going to argue against that kind of awesome?

  • All Seeds Fully Feminized for Ease of Growth
  • High-CBD Medical Cannabis Available
  • As Well as Auto-Fems with THC Levels Above 20%

CotC is one of the world’s foremost breeders, and that’s for a good reason. Before starting pumping out their product they spent a full 7 years perfecting the technique of gathering the cream of the crop of their breeding stock before any consumer even saw a single one of their Cannabis Seeds. This just screams that they care about both their product and their consumer as well as the art of Cannabis breeding. The results were extraordinary with unique strains such as the high CBD Crop Doctor that has 50% more CBD than THC for the ultimate in anti-anxiety medications or the Robocrop Auto that is a nearly full Sativa with 19% THC that’ll shoot up in just 75 days with a guaranteed 100% germination rate.

All seeds and strains are completely stable and feature highly in-demand features such as great taste, beautiful looks, and the intense potency we hear so much about. There’s some real beauts in this catalogue and Ice Head Shop along with Cream of the Crop have got you covered with these just outstandingly low prices and our quick and discreet shipping that you’ve all come to rely on so much to anywhere in the world. If the Cream of the Crop doesn’t have what you’re looking for you can also check out our literally hundreds of other breeders. There’s no reason to shop anywhere else than Ice Head Shop for all your Cannabis Seeds needs

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