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15 years of research in their underground laboratory in Spain has finally come to fruition at the Feminised Seeds Company and they’re releasing these incredible genetics to the world for us to gawk in wonder and shock and maybe a little bit of awesome. A whole new world of Cannabis has cropped up from Feminised Seeds Company and Ice Head Shop has got the goods right here waiting for you, they’ve all been meticulous tested for ultimate precision and now they’re here for you too.

  • The Ultimate Form of Spanish Genetics
  • Delicious Flavors, Insane Yields, Terrifyingly Powerful
  • Seriously Hugely Potent Strains with a Great Price-tag

Only the best comes from the Feminised Seeds Company, and why would you spend your hard-earned casherinos on anything else? Premium Cannabis Seeds from a company that has spent years clawing and fighting their way to the top of the Spanish Cannabis game. They’ve dedicated their lives to this endeavor and it’s payed off in big ways. What’s truly astonishing about this company is the potency of their strains, with multiple easily topping 20% THC levels. They’ve also done a few crossbreeds with the famous Critical Mass strains, like the Critical Feminized Autoflowering Seeds that bring huge potency, insane grow speeds, and guaranteed female plants to the table.  Who doesn’t want that kind of quality?

Feminised Seeds is insanely good, which is why we carry them here at Ice Head Shop. If they weren’t we would have nothing to do with them. But, this goes for all of our seedbanks we carry. Dedication to snooping out the best underground and famous breeders has led to this lineup you see before you. Check them all out, or just order Feminised Seeds. You literally can’t go wrong, we’ve made sure of that. You’re welcome.

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