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Voted best seed company by the 1998 High Times Cannabis Cup and earning a litany of other awards in the following years, HomeGrownFantaSeeds has blazed a trail through the Cannabis scene of Holland through complete and utter dedication to the craft while upping the quality of Cannabis genetics worldwide. Through truly creative and passionate breeders with access to the Positronics Genetic library, HomeGrownFantaSeeds boasts one of the most impressive Cannabis libraries in the world. Maintaining old famous strains like Mango and Top44 whilst creating award winning new strains like Blue Haze, HomeGrownFantaSeeds is truly a force to be reckoned with.

  • Long Time Highly Reputable Breeders
  • Access to one of the best Genetic Libraries in the world –Positronics
  • Multiple High-Profile Award Winners

 Holland 1997, the Homegrown Fantasy coffee shop was experiencing a booming period of time where in rows of people waited outside their doors. People from all over were there to enjoy some fine Cannabis on a blazing summer afternoon and during a particular creative smoking session the idea of creating their own seeds sprang forward. Using the large varieties already available to them HomeGrown Fantasy started HomeGrownFantaSeeds, a second company with the same ideals that had led to the success of their first to bring outstanding and quality and taste to the masses –only this time with their own unique strains. They are all about their superior genetics and stand by their plants all the way. And with their high-profile awards such as multiple Cannabis Cup wins, who can argue with that stance?

If you’re looking for the most outrageous genetics you will find on planet earth from a superior Seed Bank, look no further than Homegrown FantaSeeds of Amsterdam. They will rock your worlds with the gift of the perfect Cannabis Seeds. No doubt, these cats are worth a look!

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