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Looking for a massive selection of amazing Auto-flowering, Feminized, or just Regular Cannabis Seeds from all around the world? Well, you’re in the luck, I’ve got just the Seed Co. for you. The Original Sensible Seed Company has been in this game since 1992 and have been at the top of the Cannabis Seed Business the whole time. Everything is hand selected to ensure only the best of the best make it out of that warehouse. Simply put, OSSC has some great Seeds.

  • Amazing Seeds of all Types –Auto-flowering, Feminized, and Regular
  • Trusted Company since 1992
  • Great Prices and Huge Packs of Seeds

Consistent integrity and quality for over 20 years, that’s why we recommend the Original Sensible Seed Company to anyone no matter their experience level. Yeah, they’re not experimenting a ton on a bunch of crazy genetics that you may or may not like but what they do have is tried and true original elite genetics that are guaranteed to make you smile. They really are the Sensible Seed Company, they don’t need to play around with a bunch of hyped up strains you’ve never heard of just keep it simple for us Cannabis lovers with sensibility.

                Some of the best genetics around on a lot of very popular strains available in whatever type of seeds you need. Their auto-flowering line is incredible, with some plants finishing up in as little as 55 days with stable genetics that are just plain hard to find in that kind of plant. Original Sensible Seed Company has everything you need for straight up and simple good pot. Ice Head Shop is pretty stoked to have their line available to you guys, we’re keeping the prices nice and low for you too. Definitely check them out, you cannot go wrong.

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