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The Elite treat from a breeder that’s hard to beat. Resin Seeds has a small but incredible selection of Cannabis Seeds for both Medicinal and Recreational purposes. All strains are created with the user in mind, attempting to create the perfect Seed for whatever is needed. The man behind all this is Jaime, the owner of Barcelona’s first grow shop back in 1998. There he made all the connections he could ever need to leverage his knowledge into his own seed bank. Resin Seeds was born and opened its doors back in 2008.

  • Huge Following in Spain
  • World’s Finest Medical and Recreational Cannabis Seeds
  • Literally Decades in the Business –Helped start the CBD Crew

While he was operating his grow store he got to know a lot of his clientele. This gave him the opportunity to hear feedback that most breeders would never get to experience. Through this he was able to find out the real needs of Cannabis users –and what they wished they could have. Using this wealth of first-hand knowledge he turned Resin Seeds into what it is today. The Seed Bank of the people, taking care of the wants and needs of all its customers.

Jaime has worked with huge names and collaborated as well with the like of Soma of Soma Seeds, Adam of THC Seeds, and at Resin Seeds Mr. Nice’s own Shatibaba helped him start up. Together they created the ground-breaking Cannatonic high-CBD strain into an entire line of Medical Strains that are used the world over. What we here at the Ice Head Shop are getting at is Resin Seeds is kind of a big deal, and we’re honored to be able to have this fine selection available. Whether or not you’re interested in Resin Seeds, or one of our hundreds of other seed banks, is up to you. But, Resin Seeds has earned high respect in my book.

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