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Spanish quality Seeds with a massive following and the history to back it up. Ripper Seeds is a big name in the business solely for their consistency to quality. They started back in 2000 and have been growing steadily since then. They’re still a bit of a small operation, not much of an online presence, but their community embraces them for quality and interesting strains and a wide line-up that offers all kinds of unique choices. Great Strains, great prices, and every batch is just a bit better than the next. You can’t go wrong at Ripper Seeds.

  • Quality 100% Feminized Cannabis Seeds
  • Amazing Prices
  • Variety of Strains Offered

Ripper tends to specialize in their Sativas, but their Indica lineup is solid too. Ripper Seeds is, simply put, a really great seed bank offering some d*mn good strains. They’re all about conservation efforts and have kept their genetics very stable, the industry standard for valid seeds isn’t good enough for Ripper. They boast a nearly 95% germination rate, this is due in part to their adherence to quality control and constantly re-upping their genetics with land-race strains from all over the world. No worries about overbreeding here, we’re dealing with growers that know what they are doing and they have a passion for great Cannabis.

Take a look at these frosty beauties. How can you say no? Ice Head Shop couldn’t, that’s why we’re offering them to you right here right now. All Seeds are 100% fresh guaranteed. Don’t forget we bring these to you after intense negotiations with the breeders, ensuring the lowest prices on the net. We’re good. If you don’t see anything you like here, no problem, we’ve got 100’s of other Seed Banks with thousands of other strains to choose from. Ice Head Shop has your back with the best Seeds anywhere.

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