It’s no fairy-tale, these seeds are real life. Seven Dwarfs Seedbank has been hard at work perfecting their version of the Auto-flowering strains. High Yields and stability are the goal here, and all the strains in there line up pass their rigorous testing procedures. These guys are producing truly exceptional Cannabis that will grow so quick you can basically watch it.

  • Stable Quality Auto Flowering Cannabis Seeds
  • Rigorously Tested with Every Batch
  • Passionate Breeders

A lot of breeders think they have to choose between quality and quantity. Seven Dwarfs laughed at this idea and went ahead and offered both. These quick-growing monsters are absolutely amazing when it comes to maximizing the usefulness of a small space. Seven Dwarfs only offers, well, 7 strains of Cannabis but these strains will make your head spin with how quick they pop out of the ground and how potent they are. Who doesn’t want potency and high yields quickly? It’s the best of both worlds.

Seven Dwarfs Cannabis are ahead of the game when it comes to genetically engineering Cannabis to suit the needs of the grower. You’ll be getting results quick with these guys and with stable genetics you don’t have to worry about issues with your batch. For the Commercial Seeds guys this is absolutely ideal, and this is the place to go for it. Ice Head Shop wants you to have your cake and eat it too, so we’re offering these amazing seeds at the lowest prices on the World Wide Web. Even if these don’t quite suit your eclectic needs, we all have different tastes it’s OK, the Ice Head Shop has hundreds of other seed banks and thousands of other strains to choose from. We guarantee to find something to suit your fancy. Peruse around, friend, it’s what we’re here for!

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