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Caramella Seeds

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Caramella feminized cannabis seeds from Homegrown Fantaseeds will make all your fantasies come true when it comes to growing your cannabis seed collection. Having the best cannabis seed genetics available to to you is a luxury today, after all, it wasn't always that way. If you're just getting started collecting cannabis seeds then you're in luck my friend because getting the seeds you need is easier than ever before.

  • 400-700 Grams per Square Meter
  • 23% THC Content
  • 60 Day Flowering Time

All you have to do to find the cannabis seeds you need is go online and visit Ice Headshop. Ice Headshop has all kinds of cannabis seed genetics like the incredible Caramella feminized cannabis seeds waiting for you to add to your collection today. Caramella feminized cannabis seeds have an average flowering time of 60 days and are considered to be an Indica dominant strain. The 80/20 Indica dominancy provides heavy medicinal relief for many who suffer today from a multitude of different conditions. Caramella may be just the thing you need if you suffer from chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression, loss of appetite or live with PTSD. The heavy Indica characteristics help to soothe the soul relaxing the body once Mary Jane takes hold.

Indoor growers can expect impressive results from a sea of green averaging 400 - 700 grams per square meter or better. Beginner outdoor growers can expect to see an average of 90 to 140 grams per plant with experienced growers producing much much more than that. A grower who knows what they're up to can produce several hundred grams per plant. THC percentages come in at a rocking shocking 23% on average making Caramella one delicious heavy hitter that is no bullshiter. Homegrown FantaseedsCaramellafeminized cannabis seeds can be yours to add to your cannabis seed collection at the click of a button. Just like we told you ordering cannabis seeds for your collection is easier than ever before. All you have to do is remember Ice Headshop, your cannabis seeds superstore.

It is illegal to grow cannabis seeds in the UK. These seeds are for collectable and/or souvenir purposes only.

Vital Stats

Additional Information

SEEDBANK Homegrown Fantaseeds
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor & Outdoor
Type / Sex Feminised Seeds
Strain Other
Autoflowering / Photoperiod Non-Autoflowering
Flowering Time Indoors 8 to 10 Weeks
Flowering Time Outdoors Early October
Pack Size Pack of 5
Indica / Sativa Indica Dominant
THC Strong
Yield Good

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