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Good news! Cannabis May Help with Weight Loss
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Good news! Cannabis May Help with Weight Loss

Posted: October 07, 2016

So, you may have heard of the munchies when you hang out with the bud friend of our cannabis seeds. Maybe you’ve even found yourself cracking into your favourite treats like crisps and chocolate whilst watching some stoner films? Well, all that indulgence wasn’t as bad as thought; scientists believe active cannabinoids, particularly CBD, can boost your metabolism and help with weight loss. We know, this sounds too good to be true but in the US, states with medical weed laws are even seeing a reduction in obesity rates! At Headshop we wanted to delve deeper into how you might benefit from this news and took the time to read a study completed by San Diego State University and Cornell… you can thank us later! CBD oils to lower calorie intake Check out our wonderful range of CBD oils and liquids that you can smoke to help lower calorie intake and ultimately help you lose weight. Browse our oils here and if you buy, you’ll also get a free e-cigarette. Without further ado, here’s why the power of cannabis can help with your weight loss, if that’s something you’re aiming for: You’re more likely to move Weed gets you high, it gives you energy and you’re going to move whether you dance or exercise or just jump around. On BBC documentary “The Truth About Calories”, they showed how sustained activity, like housework, can actually use up more calories than an intense but short gym session, so it all adds up. Alcohol consumption gets reduced When you’re smoking weed, you’re much less likely to drink. Drinks are high in calories and marijuana is a low calorie alternative, so you don’t have to worry in the same way about burning all of the energy. In a pint of beer, you get over 200 calories so if you’re out for a few hours, that can easily hit a 1000 liquid calories. This also dehydrates you, which makes you retain water weight. Not to even go into the fat in beers... Less pain, more physical mobility There are many reasons to lit up and if it’s medical for chronic pain, you may find that you’re able to do more as the pain is managed by the cannabis. If your joints (sort of pun?) and aches and pains reduce, you’ll be able to be more active and enjoy easier movement. The report called this a ‘behavioral difference’ between cannabis users and non-users. Cannabinoids suppress appetite The nutrients released into your body when you consume raw weed are now thought to induce weight loss. THC and CBD in the plant, once burned as energy, reduce hunger and food cravings. No more late night ‘ice cream from the tub’ sessions! As it must be taken raw for this effect, there’s a trend for cannabis juicing which also gets you some of your five a day. You’ll burn fat more easily The THC cannabinoid has specifically been found to reduce weight gain on a high fat diet in a study you can find here. The headline here is, even if you succumb to the munchies and eat in excess, you won’t gain as much weight as someone who ate all that without using cannabis. Win, win? Here are some particular strains from us at ICE if you are looking for a boost to your weight loss. Get in touch with a comment below if you’ve got your own suggestions for weight loss with cannabis. Happy eating!