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How to Save Money with ICE Headshop!
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How to Save Money with ICE Headshop!

Posted: January 08, 2018

ICE Headshop is the best UK headshop (check out our reviews!) and we pride ourselves on not only offering you the biggest selection of what you want but making it affordable too. That’s why once you’ve shopped with us, we treat you like family and reward you for all future orders, no matter what you’re buying. Our variety always grows too, so you could buy something new on every visit.


New ranges

Look what we’ve added in just the last year: - Epic CBD Oils cbd oils               - A huge mix of CBD Herbs cbd herbs               - Even more accessories! grinders           With so many permanent and featured offers, here’s how you can get the best value and save money with ICE Headshop:

10% ICE points for future orders

Sign up with an account and you will automatically earn ICE points as you shop online for 10% off your next order. This is a fantastic, no effort way to save money that you won’t even have to think about - our secure system does all the hard work. To make it even easier, we show you the points you earn on each of our products. Questions? Of course not!

10% off £50 / 20% off £100 orders

On top of that 10% bonus, you also get money off based on the total cost of your order. As we appreciate you choosing us as your trusted seller, we give 10% off orders over £50 and that leaps to 20% off orders £100. So, when it’s time to stock up… you save even more money.

Free delivery on orders over £50

We know no one wants to pay for delivery even though it’s a completely normal thing to do! Well, our solution is to give you the perk of free delivery if your order is over £50. It’s our way of saying thanks and giving something back.

Unrivalled promo deals

On top of these deals which run 100% of the time, we also run time-limited promotions which we share on our Facebook page, so please follow us there to stay in the know. These can be huge savings of even 40%, 50% or 60% that you won’t want to miss! We also display these sale prices on all applicable products so you know exactly what money is staying in your pocket. Basically, what we’re saying is, why shop anywhere else for energy and herbs, vaping and CBD, cannabis seeds, and headshop accessories?