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Lord Kush seeds
Lord Kush Delicious Seeds
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THC: Strong | Yield: Average
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Cotton Candy Kush seeds
Cotton Candy Kush Delicious Seeds
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THC: Strong | Yield: Good

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With name like Delicious Seeds, you might be thinking that these Feminized Cannabis Seeds might be kind of tasty. Well, you aren’t wrong! They set out to make Powerful and amazingly Strong Cannabis seeds, like most good breeders, but Delicious Seeds went ahead and decided to get those tannins perfect for a wide array of unique flavors and smells for the candy-seeking Cannabis Connoisseur.  It’s like a luxury buffet of deliciousness when browsing through their catalogue.

We all like the way a good strain of Cannabis tastes, it’s part of the allure. But the chefs over at Delicious Seeds cook up some truly unique and highly aromatic strains of Cannabis that just can’t be found elsewhere. They’ve got amazingly tasty strains going on like their Cotton Candy Feminized seeds, the name says it all there, they taste and smell just like what you’d expect from a plant with Cotton Candy in the name. If taste isn’t all you’re after, though you’ll always be getting something mouth-watering, Delicious Seeds’ Critical Jack Herer Feminized is getting pretty rave reviews for its lightning fast growth and soaring cerebral effects.

I’m getting the munchies just looking through this line-up. Who doesn’t want a great smelling and tasty Cannabis strain coming from their Feminized Cannabis Seeds? It’s half the fun of a new strain, getting to taste that stick-icky after it’s all grown up. Luckily, here at the Ice Head Shop, you can get Connoisseur-grade Cannabis genetics for a steal with our always insanely low prices. All shipping is quicker than a speeding bullet and camouflaged like you’ve never seen before. Order up friends, this menu is looking TASTY.