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THC: Good | Yield: Very Good

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Freedom of Seeds has a massive selection of strains of all types from all over the place. They’re offering one of the best line-ups of Award-winning to highly potent to quick growing Cannabis we’ve ever seen. All these seeds are guaranteed to match up with any other brand on the market, just top-tier genetics from breeders all over the world. How can you say no to that? With low prices and a great reputation, you can’t go wrong with Freedom of Seeds.

So what's good on the Freedom of Seeds menu? Ice Head Shop’s top pick is Sour Chiesel, a delectable hybrid with the powertoreduce stress & lift the crabbiest mood. Perfectly clear, this powerfulcannabis seed is exactly what we need for those long nights packing Cannabis Seeds in the back of the warehouse.

It’s hard to even go into this selection, it covers all fronts. They have the quickest growing Auto-flowering, the most potent feminized, and tons of Cannabis Cup winning Seeds. This might be the epitome of a great line-up of Cannabis Seeds. Working together with Ice Head Shop, we’re able to bring all of this to you guys. Isn’t that nice? Even if Freedom of Seeds isn’t quite for you, Ice Head Shop has a ton more Seed Banks to offer you, peruse friend that’s what you’re here for.If you need time to think things over, take all you need. When you're ready, Ice Head Shop will be ready & waiting to take your order and serve up the lowest prices, the fastest shipping & the friendliest customer service on the web. Enjoy yourselves!