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The counter-cultural phenomenon themselves, G13 Labs started up in the Northern UK but took off over into Amsterdam where they could fully flourish their breeding programs. G13 started up as an underground collective back in the 1980’s, during the height of the drug wars. During this time they experimented and experimented until they were ready to take the show on the road take off to the ‘Dam where breeding is not only appreciated, but promoted. They’ve spread worldwide since then, offering top-notch and unique genetics that can please even the most hard-headed connoisseurs. No wonder people love G13 Labs.

·      Home to the Infamous Pineapple Express

·      Long-Time Breeders who know their sh*t

·      Reliable and stable strains with Genetics from around the world

       Check out their award-winning line up with popular and infamous strains like the Pineapple express, based on everyone’s favorite Cannabis comedy. There’s a world of Cannabis available and the secret agents at G13 Labs want you to have it all. They breed their strains on the principle that Cannabis should be a luxurious experience with eye-popping colors, decadent aromas, and mouth-watering flavors. Quality is the name of the game here, they don’t sacrifice yield, potency or growth rates for this experience. 

       G13 is offering up quick growing aromatics and just plain powerful plants for a great deal, and Ice Head Shop is making sure to make the full brunt of this available to you at our always low prices. Take your time, friends! Browse through all the offerings we have here, not only under G13 labs but the hundreds of others breeders. We have thousands of strains to offer from all over the place and they’re all top-tier Cannabis Seeds. Shipping all over the world discreetly and of course quickly, you can’t say no to the Ice Heads.