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Cannabis is a gift from Mother Nature herself, and should be treated with respect in all its forms. One way of ensuring this is to make sure only the best breeders and those who aren’t only in it for the money are the guy’s we’re giving our business to. Green Label Seeds fits this bill to the T, offering a huge line of quality Cannabis Seeds that have been lovingly grown by truly passionate breeders. They only use the most vital and vigorous plants and truly care that their Seeds are always fresh and viable before being sent to you. We at the Ice Head Shop feel Green Label Seeds is worth our time, and we highly recommend them to any new or experienced aficionados of Cannabis Seeds.

They respect and love the plant, just like the rest of us, but these guys are putting their money where their mouth is on this one. Part of all sales through Green Label Seeds supports legalization efforts throughout Europe so all can take part of the healing properties of Cannabis. They support ENCOD (European Coalition for Just and Effective Drug Policies) who lobby all across the continent to try to get rid of these Draconian Cannabis Laws that have effects so many negatively for no real gain. Got to love a company that can see what is wrong in the world and makes an effort to change it. Give it up to Green Label Seeds.

All the products from Green Label Seeds are guaranteed fresh and viable by their own mission statement, and we are bringing you their full lineup at unbeatable prices. Go on and browse to see some truly amazing dank Cannabis Seeds from a truly great company.