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Soma Seeds

Award winning organically grown and just plain amazing dank is all you’ll find at Soma Seeds. The man behind this crazy grow op the legend Soma himself delivering his message of incredible cannabis for the last 45 years. He has spent most of this time cultivating, learning about, and using Weed. Soma knows his sh*t. We’re talking top quality with the backing of decades of experience to create the epitome of Cannabis Seeds. If you can’t trust Soma, who can you?

  • Decades of Experience in the Field
  • Award Winning Cannabis Genetics
  • Green Eco-Friendly Breeding Methods


Soma is all about keeping things on the level between what he is doing and what mother earth is. Every batch is grown completely organically with the most natural methods of agriculture around. But, this isn’t saying he is giving up on anything you want in Cannabis. Oh, no. The decades of learning in these techniques has taught Soma Seeds that you don’t need super high-tech labs to be producing Cannabis. You just have to be hands-on. And these cats are very much about that, testing their Cannabis in every imaginable way before letting it loose to the public. Nothing is leaving Soma Seeds without Soma’s own stamp of approval.

Soma Seeds believes that Cannabis should be freely grown wherever it can, and people all around the world should be allowed to have it. We agree, sadly this war on drugs makes that hard. Soma is out there trying to make it possible for anyone to have amazing natural Cannabis. Trust the man with 40+ years of experience to breed you some great Cannabis and trust the Ice Head Shop to bring you the connections required to get some of these highly sought-after seeds. We’ll bring them to wherever you want quickly and discreetly, not to mention by far the cheapest prices on the net. Soma Seeds, potent amazing dank grown like it was meant to.

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